Saturday, December 29, 2012

So Safe, So Clear

People always says "Our eyes are the windows to our souls"

Definitely, we cannot deny how much one's eyes can captivate us. So it is important for us to protect our very own eyes from all sources of  damage.

One of the major causes of damage will be Ultraviolet (UV) Rays. 
We all do know how harmful UV Rays are to our skin, and we do take precautions against.
But, has it ever occur to you that it can be damaging to our eyes too?

In actual research and studies, it has been proven that UV lights are actually detrimental to eye health and more than often not, it is not being made known to most of us (including myself).
Exposure to too much UV Rays will actually accelerate eye aging and the appearance of cataracts, among other vision problems. 

Now we know how harmful the effects of UV Rays can cause to us, other than to our skin. 

Thus, this year, Essilor has made a breakthrough in vision care, and came up with:
Crizal UV Lenses that offer both front and back UV Protection, FIRST in the market. 

Previously, I was sponsored Crizal Lens, which combats 5 enemies of vision- reflections, scratches, smudges, water drops and dust. Now, I can also fight against UV Rays, such a good deal :)

I would like to take this chance to thanks both Crizal as well as Ray Ban for this pair of new spectacles!
It's  been a long time since I last changed my specs. My last pair of specs served me well for the past year.
I am so in love with my new spectacles because they are so geeky HAHA. 

Now I will just guide you through on how exactly does the UV Lenses work

Most eyewear lenses, are able to protect our eyes from harmful UV light, so the wearer are able to be protected from dangerous, direct frontal UV transmission. So, what exactly "attacks" our eyes?

The greatest harm and danger comes from the UV danger from the back UV reflection.
What happens here is that, UV light that shines directly at the front of the lens, will be reflected back to the atmosphere. But this does not happens to the back of the lens (the side facing directly to our eyes). This is because the concave rear surface of anti-reflective lenses acts like a collector in a reflecting telescope,focusing UV directly upon the cornea and inner structures of the eye.

This causes great damage to our eyes. However, with the new Crizal UV coating, it minimises visible and UV reflective from the back, providing protection for both the front and the back of its lenses. 

The Crizal UV Lenses also come equipped with Eye-Sun Protection Facto (E-SPF) 25, meaning that the wearer is 25 times more protected against UV than without any lenses. 

NOW, I no longer need to be afraid of heading out under the hot sun, because with the Crizal UV lenses, I will be protected whole day long. Not forgetting the fact that it combats 5 enemies of vision glasses too!

Have you get yours today?
Head down to any optician today and ask more about it! 
Protect your eyes, protect yourself.
So Safe, So Clear.

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