Sunday, December 9, 2012

Stay Safe, P.S I Love You

It's been a huge sensation online!!! You guys must go and watch it!!!! 

I bet a lot of you, especially the boys and men are swallowing your saliva so hard while watching this video!
Nobody can actually resist such video being played right on their computer screen, right?!

BUT too bad, you all realised that it's not what you all thought it was.
This "Leaked Sex Tape" which featured our very own Singapore hot and sexy female blogger, Holly Jean, seemingly engaging in sexual activities with a Caucasian Male, played by a male talent.
This means that, the video is in fact not a real sex tape. However, it does comes along with good intentions!

Initially, I bet a lot of you will be surprised that such video is actually allowed to be played on YouTube. 
And halfway playing through the video, I bet most of you got your attention captured!

That is exactly what this video is all about: To Capture Your Attention, especially the Youths'.

This is actually a video in support of Durex's latest campaign, P.S. I Love You, 
which stands for "Play Safe, I Love You", and we are actually targeting young adults between 18-25 years old.
Indeed, the video is unconventional in conveying the message in which Durex wants to. But, this is done such that we can bring you, young adults and teenagers, right into the topic of our campaign!
In the video itself, there is an underlying message that Safe Sex is actually encouraged. 

Yes, you get it. I did mentioned about sex. But specifically, safe sex. 
In today's society, we got to admit that the average age in which Singaporeans had their first sex starts off very young, with a mean age of 22 years old (Source: 2011-2012 Durex Sexual Wellbeing Global Survey)

Personally, I feel that there is indeed very little we could do in stopping teenagers from having their first sex experience at a young age. Thus, what we CAN actually do is to encourage them: Safe Sex

Sex itself is a very beautiful process and it gives an individual the maximum pleasure that they could derive. 
However, we do worry about the implications that comes along with it should we not have any preventive measures being taken. Or specifically, today I am touching on, condoms. 

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The most common consequence of  Unprotected Sex, is Unwanted Pregnancy.
Around 25.1% of Singaporeans actually experienced unplanned pregnancy, and this number could actually be further decreased, if each individual actually just take time to put in a small effort. 

We all do know that Unwanted Pregnancy, does not just stop there. It will actually lead to more dire consequences or actions, such as abortion on impulse or even suicidal cases, which often happens to female teenagers who are pregnant. 

Not to forget about Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) as well. 
The signs of STDs are unbearable on its own, some examples include ulcers growing on genitals or groin areas, discharge from vagina or penis or even burning sensation and pain during urination. 

Are you able to take such pain? Are you willing to take the risk for that moment of pleasure?

You NEED NOT be deprive from your sexual activities.
That is why I am here to encourage you all to have Safe Sex, through Durex's Campaign

This campaign serves as an easy reminder for youths to practice safe sex. 
This can actually be used on different audiences:

To self: P.S. I Love You – I love myself and have to practise safe sex because I owe it to people who love and care

To sexual partners: P.S. I Love You – I love you and that is why we need to practise safe sex

To loved ones: P.S. I Love You – I love and care for you and want you to be careful and have safe sex

The use of condom may seem as a hassle to some of you. And it may make the whole process of sex, an uncomfortable one. However, a research was being done by Durex and it was found out that "People using condoms at first sex are more likely to be satisfied with their overall sex life".

What's more of an advantage will be that "they know how to avoid unplanned pregnancy".

That's like killing two birds with one stone,
You are still able to enjoy intimate moments with your love one, yet you could be worry-free!
What's more? Durex provides us, consumers, with a wide range of products to choose from. This means that there is definitely a type of condom which suits us/our partner, and we will feel most comfortable with! 

Do check out the different types of Durex's Condoms HERE 

Start a healthy sex life now. For yourself. For your partner. For you love ones. 

By loving someone, it means that you will be sheltering one another.
 Be it in times of hardship or happiness. Start sheltering your love ones, and shower them with love. 
Take a simple step such as using a condom, could make a huge difference in your life. 

The umbrella is in your hands now. It's your choice to open it and shelter your loves ones with it.
Or do you want to be drenched in the rain?

Lastly, remember that with the Perfect Person, Dreams Come True 
Your partner is the perfect person in your life who makes it complete, apart from your family.
Can you bear to hurt them? Can you bear to see them upset? Do you want to see your dreams shattered?

Definitely not. 
Don't destroy the dreams which you've planned with your partner. 
Live life to the fullest and enjoy it. 

Have Fun. Enjoy it. Play Safe.
P.S. I Love You, My Dear Readers

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