Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fika Journey: Loysel's Toy

I bet it is definitely NOT news, and even if it is it shouldn't be new to you all that I love going to cafes!
All along, I've always loved patronising cafes, doing research on various ones so that I could pay a visit to.
In the past, I did blogged about my experiences that I had and shared with you all the specialties. 

Now I will be starting this new section in my blog, "A Fika Journey With BenVoda"! 
Basically, from today onwards, I will be visiting all the cafes which I pened down on a list (yes, I have a list of cafes which I intend to visit!!!) and will be blogging about them after each visit!!!

This is just another space for me to pen down my experience and of course to share with you all!
Who knows? You all might get exposed to new cafes from here, which I hope you all do :]

And if you are wondering what is Fika, it is a Swedish term for "Coffee Break"

For my very first entry for this whole new section, I'll be introducing to you guys 
"Loysel's Toy"

Many people has been raving about this cafe and I've yet to get a chance to go down and experience the whole atmosphere as well as the food. So I was rather excited. E wanted to find a place for him to do his project work, so I thought might as well find a nice cafe where we could spend the whole day at.

And first on my list was "Loysel's Toy"! 
Loysel's Toy is committed to serving each and every single customer a great cup of coffee. 
When I first enter the cafe, I could smell the scent and aroma of roasted coffee beans.  

Everyone who knows me and has been following my blog, you'll know that I am a big fan of old school.
The menu itself already got me all jumpy and excited cos it's like an old school clipboard! Haha.
Simple things just gets me so so excited, guess I'm still kiddy. Not childish hor! :p

The method they used to recognised the orders of each customer is unique as well!
They place your receipt in a paper cup and it has a hug ass number on it :]
Just so different from the normal and cliche number plates etc. At least it is on a cup, right? LOL.

E had Hot Chocolate for his choice of beverage.
I don't know about you all, but this is my first time seeing "coffee art" on a Hot Chocolate drink.
Normally we do see it on coffee only, as the name suggests. Definitely pleasant to see a heart :D 

Amazingly, they do serve the main courses very fast. Like really damn fast, we waited for less than 15 mins!
It is great because we were really famish. We reached around 11 in the morning and it is already crowded.
We both ordered mainly "Big L's Breakfast, Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Bacon and Smoked Salmon Omelette" to share! 

I really have to compliment their food!
It is so so nice and delicious!!!! Everything prepared to perfection! 
Both E and I love their smoked salmon, the way they prepared it is different compared to those elsewhere.

These 3 courses will be what I strongly recommend you all to try out, especially Big L's Breakfast.
The portion is huge. The taste is phenomenon. And it fills up your grumbling tummy for the day!

Desserts are always there to cheer us up and to complete a meal :]
When I ordered my desserts, I actually placed for another Iced Latte as well!
Oh ya, the Iced Caffe Latte taste extremely well, and I did not add a single drop of syrup to it.

Just the original, slightly bitter taste to it. I guess it's the coffee beans.
Loving it so so much. Bitterness to first, and sweetness follows.

I ordered their Lemon Tart and Coffe and Caramel Marshmallow! 
Personally, I adore their Lemon Tart, which instantly "Wakes" your taste bud yet feeling refreshed! 
As for the marshmallow, I've to say I am no fan of it but E seems to enjoy it a lot that he finished it!!! LOL.

Yes, took a relatively tumblr-ish and very artsy fartsy shot
Just to side track a bit, recently I am in love with clean and neat shots.
Look at the wooden tray? I am so gonna get my hands on one so I can have breakfast in bed!!!

Alright, back to topic.
Do head down to "Loysel's Toy" to experience it yourself!!! Head down earlier if you want, because the crowd just keeps coming after noon time and it is FULL HOUSE all the way till late afternoon!! 

In fact, it is only a short 10 minutes walk away from Lavender Mrt Station!
Easily noticed, just right beside the Kallang River!!!!!

Head down now and share it with everyone else
I can guarantee that you won't regret heading down if you are a coffee lover,
Till then, I'll pick another cafe to head down and I can share it with you all! 

Love you all and thanks for reading


  1. your grammar is crap. your DESERTS is very the nice.

    1. Ya…so sorry :( That's why friends always wonder how I score for my GP lol. I will take note :)