Monday, April 15, 2013

[I AM BACK] + [Birthday Celebration]

Hello to every single one of you out there!
Yes, I am blogging once again. All over again! I don't even want to look back at my last post!
It was so freaking long ago HAHA.

A lot of you has been asking me "What happened?!"
Mainly is because I disappeared from Twitter for a year, and other social media platforms.
Nothing very serious happened, but just another experience and motion in life for me :]

Now, I'll be back to blogging all over again. And because I've lost touch for so long,
Even doing such a simple post as posting my life, took me a week to think on how to blog... 
So hope you guys and girls, will not be too harsh on me and let me get back the momentum.

Oh ya! When I am back on Twitter and Blogging, I realised this year's CNOS2,
My very friend I made back then, JOEY, won the whole competition!!!
Also, DON, won the First-Runner -Up!!! OMG, SUCH GOOD NEWS!!!

And also, I've seen so many many new faces!!!
Tsktsk, think I shall just be a old grandfather who pens down thought on this space then.
No no no! My dear partners in blogging and sponsors, don't give up on me tolong tolong! HAHA!

Alright, just to update you guys on what's happening in my life.
Nothing much because, YES, I AM STILL IN ARMY! HAHA. 

But I've got to say my army life is quite an experience for me which I will not forget
I just came back from a 1 month Taiwan Overseas Exercise, yups, for 1 whole month. 
At first I though I wouldn't survive even for a week, but I guess I was wrong! 

I shall blog about my Taiwan Overseas Exercise's R&R the next time!
Nah, I can't blog about the training. Don't wanna end up in jail hor :p 

So my birthday lies on 27th March, every single year (like duh!)
Unfortunately and Fortunately, I was still in Taiwan when it was my birthday.
So my mummy decided to get me an advance present. I guess it's just an age issue, because I don't have much things to ask for (guess I am so well blessed to have my parents). 

Ended up getting a FOSSIL Leather Strap watch!
I LOVE IT SO SO MUCH!!! Vintage-looking, as you can see my love for Vintage haha.
(Pardon all the photo qualities cos I wasn't back to blogging back then so only get to use my iPhone to take photos haha. Shall bring my camera out soon!!!)

I also had a birthday dinner celebration with Kym and my dear cousin, Linqi!
They got me this backpack from H&M! It's also in faded brown, my favorite fashion color :)
They do know me well eh! Love this two girls so so much! Too bad no group photo for that day!

Then my fantastic primary school friend, Jia Hui, decided to celebrate Kaeden and my birthday!!
Yups, not the usual "go to atas restaurant" kinda celebration, but it was so fun eh!
I mean I never knew such simple simple birthday celebration could be so fun.

We had our celebration on the day I touch down, at the void deck of Jia Hui's block!
We all stay near each and it was rather late, so we went to find the Snow White instead haha

She is so sweet to personalised a letter for each of us! And she also got 3 pairs of the same designed watch, such that we can have a common item to represent our friendship! Cos I used to mention having such thing

Some of you think very lame, how old liao.
Wait till you have such long friendship (Kaeden and I know each other since Nursery eh!) 

Photo spam, because I don't wanna be lengthy in my post!!

Yes, all of us were smashing cake at each other!
Okay, actually we didn't really smash cake because you know why?
When Snow White suggested doing that, Kaeden and I start digging our fingers into the cake and just brush it against our own face as though we were doing make-up!!!!
HAHA damn funny, what a "cake-smashing"! 

Thanks so so much to you both buddies!
We've come such a long way together.

It's so so simple celebration,
Yet it nonetheless, touches my heart deep down.

It's not about WHERE or HOW MUCH you spend
It's all about WHO you spend it with.

Ending this post damn randomly!
Next few posts will have more proper photos, I promise!

In meantime, you all can still contact me through:
Twitter: @BenVoda
Email: (for sponsorship/ads)
Instagram: BenVoda

Till next time!
Thanks so much for welcoming me back!!

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