Monday, April 29, 2013

Love For Books

I always have a huge crush on them. The author let me read their feelings like a book.
Every single sentence. Every single word. Everything that's pen down.
They all have great significance to what makes a great book.

I wouldn't say that I was a huge fan of reading since I come of age
Rather, I only started reading when i enlisted. 

People often do say that the people we mixed with will influence us.
Tadah, my whole bunk literally reads when we have free time.
That's how I got into reading, and I did not regret. 

Reading is no longer just about learning profound or bombastic words. 
Instead, it is a form of escape, running into the world of others and immerse in it. 

The magic it brings. Fantastic. 

Recently, I got myself a Kindle Paperwhite. 
Not much of that I find that I hate bringing books around. 
I do love buying books because I ALWAYS love the smell of it.

I literally go and smell a book whenever I get it.
That's the first thing I will do. 

But getting the Kindly just makes the whole reading experience different. 
I will continue to buy books still, but for now I shall devote time to my Kindle.
And my Kindle's name is.......BlueCarrotCake. HAHA!

2 different means. 1 motive. To read. 

I can't express just how much I am into reading now. 
I don't loathe it and I just love how much it can lift my mood. 

Thank you so much, Books.

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