Sunday, April 21, 2013

Those Days In Taiwan

Just one month plus back, I was in Taiwan for an Army Overseas Exercise.
Like I mentioned, that has got to to be my most valuable experience in my 2 years of army life.
Not only that, partly because most of my buddies are going to ORD this coming June already :'(

It's really sad after working with them for so long...
Not long after, which is like now, we are already preparing for their ORD Parade already...
Time flies so fast. Oh well, I bet we are still gonna be friends!

Anyway the Overseas Exercise in Taiwan wasn't as dreadful as I thought it will be!
Time pass so fast, that after a while, it's already R&R!!! TIME FOR FUN!

First day of R&R, we head down to Kaohsiung.
And for those that are in the Army, for R&R, we get to stay in the hotel!!!!
I was surprised because our hotel was just so fabulous and comfortable to live in! 

This showering system that they have really got the whole battalion talking!
It is so freaking cool, that it actually sprays water from all direction onto our body,
it is like those water with pressure, giving us massage etc. 

SO MAD COMFORTABLE!!!!! But that could actually wait, because we want to head out to the nearby night market and walk around and just SHOP, EAT, SHOP, EAT SHOP, EAT AND MORE!!!

This trip to Taiwan, my friends and I decided to take their train, since the route is much more clearer and easier to understand, compared to that in Japan (phew that really cracked my head!)

Is is easy, as you can see the line is almost like those of Singapore's.
Another bonus to this R&R because back then when I went Taiwan, I didn't get to take the train

We all got to reach back hotel and report to our officer by 2300 Hrs so Ben Bay and I just shop till we drop and make full use of all the time. Ended up getting heat-up food at the 7-11 right along the same stretch of our hotel. It taste not bad eh, plus I also had Yakult Green Tea to go along!

Danny came in our room and told us "There is free flow ice cream at the basement. It's FREE"
Come on people, follow my lips and spell: F.R.E.E...... FREE!!!!! It's FREE free flow ice cream!!
So both Bens jsut chiong down to the lobby and whack the ice cream haha! 

Back to the hotel room to bath and get ready to sleep!
Decided to camwhore while Ben Bay is bathing HAHA

My loots for the night shopping around Kaosiung area!!!
They are not DIRT CHEAP but definitely much cheaper than Singapore's!


Next day, we are all heading to Taipei!!!
The heart of Taiwan where everyone wants to go to!!!

Before reaching Taipei, we took a stop at Dream Mall, renowned to be the biggest mall!
I've went there before and there is nothing much actually for me to purchase since most of them
are like high end goods. Was looking for PORTER but I missed it anyways. 

Ended up at this cafe (as usual, my favorite), with Ben Bay and Daniel.
Just sipping my iced latte and cakes, totally how holiday should be like: RELAXING

Then we also went to this Aquarium place (oops this was suppose to be the previous day :p)

And before we reach our Final Destination of Taipei, we went to this Liu Fu Chun,
basically it is like an amusement park. This is not like USS, but it's good enough for us haha!

We came across this section where we get to feed all those greedy goats, yang meh mehs!!

This is the magical tube which turns all of us back into children!

I was actually teasing it before it get to eat all the seeds etc. So badass eh me!! 
I kept tempting it with the food, and when its tongue tried to lick it, I pull back my hands XD

That's Ben Bay in the jacket, who was quite against feeding them, cos he finds it disgusting and dirty!
Oh well, guess those goats "fang dian" (charmed) him, cos he ended up having fun too

Group photo with all the fun and crazy people!!!!
Cannot forget the fact that Darren (the one with Superman pose) wore the same shirt for the whole month!!!

The S1 Branch hero!!! Without us, all will fail and perish!!!
Ok, I'm just exaggerating, or maybe I'm not? LOL.

Looking back at the one whole month, I am actually glad that I did not pull out from this trip.
Honestly speaking, I did thought of chao keng and not going to this Taiwan exercise...

But then again, people all around me were encouraging me, telling me how much effort I've placed into preparing for this trip. I shouldn't actually give up so easily.
Just because of all these from my buddies in camp, I decided to just go ahead.

Afterall, not ALL NSFs get to go overseas for exercise/mission.
And it definitely will be of great experience for us.
I did NOT regret at all. 

Soon, you guys will ORD soon.
Marching in the respectable Commando ORD Parade.
I will miss you guys, as we went through lots of shit and fun together.

Hope to hear from you guys, even after you all ORD! :)

As usual, going to end this abrupty,
but this time with 2 of my selcas in Black and White, HAHA!

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  1. First time to your blog. Yup, really miss Taiwan soon. Nice design. :)