Sunday, May 26, 2013

Beach Experience At Koh Samui

Finally I manage to find the time to edit the photos from my Koh Samui trip and here I am blogging!
(Although it is only Day 1 that's done haha, but better than nothing right!)

So before I flew, everyone has been asking me, where is Koh Samui?
Tons of question marks in your head right? Basically Koh Samui is another island in Thailand. 
It's somewhat like Phuket, by the beach, yet it is not as crowded as Phuket. 

What made me decide on Koh Samui for a short getaway:
1) I've never been to a beach overseas

2) My purpose of a holiday and aim this time round: To Relax, that's why beach fits the bill!

3) Every time we go overseas, we're too occupied with shopping shopping and more shopping!!
Waking up early in the morning just to rush out and back in hotel at wee hours. No more for this time

And I totally DID NOT regret going! Even my mum who find it a waste of money to spend thousand just to go to a beach, did not regret going and she finds it relaxing too. So let me who you around~

My flight was on a Saturday evening so by the time we reach KS, we were just too dead tired to shop at the night market. The next morning, I was excited to have my breakfast because it is by the beach! 

Even the furnishing and design of the whole dining area is so relaxing and neat. Right beside it, is the swimming pool (which we spent tons of time at too haha, enjoying life ttm!) 

Saw this cute doggy lying and lazing around right beside our table. So cute right! Doggy also enjoy!!!

Before the start of our scrumptious breakfast, of course have to camwhore first!!! 

Cousin Gina, the one who always listen to my problems, and I! 

My dearest mummy hehe

Not to forget a family photo together too, to start off the day! 

I would really rate the food to be 9/10 (including the atmosphere)! 
Not exaggerating at all. I love their eggs and bacon the most!

TADAH! These are the food I mentioned just now. They do serve tons of variety, like pancakes,  baked tomato with cheese and toasts as well. But then, the egg is my all time favorite throughout the trip!

They have a station which serves eggs, and you can choose from a list:
1. Hard Boil Egg
2. Poached Eggs
3.Scramble Egg
4. Egg Wrap
5. Fried Eggs

So many choices, I personally love the scramble egg and egg wrap most! I think if there is such thing as egg-intoxication, I would be suffering from it now because I ate average of 5 eggs every morning there!!!!

We spent quite a considerable amount of time eating and chatting happily away.
I mean, who won't right? Everything seems to be set in slow motion! Take your time people! 

Right after breakfast, we all chiong (dash in Hokkien term) to the beach that was right in front of our eyes

All I have to say is that all the photos I took did not do justice to the true beauty of the nature I've seen
That's why at times, it's true that our naked eyes are the best cameras around
And our brain is the best storage space, because till now I still remember the magnificent view

I am no model, so I am taking my photos as how typical tourists do! HAHA

It is kinda frustrating because the white hair of mine keeps appearing in my photos! And it is damn obvious :(

The oldies matured adults that was on the trip with us! 

Our first official group photo for this trip! Love this photo, everyone looking so happy!! HAHA

This is my dearest Gina Cousin and her parents! So cute right?! :D

The mums of this trip! Introducing Mummy Jaw (my mum) and Mummy Tan (Gina's Mum)

The men (haha I'm no longer a boy hor!) of this trip! Do Re Mi haha :p Different generations worh

We can across many locals as well out at the sea, under the hot scorching sun with all the tourists. Among all, what caught my attention was this man in his fifties (?) with a big fishing net in his hands. Like duh, he is obviously fishing luh, what else could he have done?

I mean, it's so hard to see this kind of scene in Singapore. Man with fishing net and fishing around? Oh come on. And it really amazed my family and I of how simple life could be. We are all human beings, yet our lifestyle is so different from one another. Yet, we all are doing the same thing: Living life. 

Came across this nice restaurant that is already closed down, but the whole bistro has nice decorations. So we decided to camwhore around with it. Especially when it's all greens and flowers, that's what beach is all about! Let's get it rocking baby!!

My cousin and I making use of every chance to look retarded. It's holidays after all, let your hair down!

Along the beach, we can always see stretches after stretches of tanning sofas outside restaurants 

Massage houses that provide relaxation services can also been seen. Yes, right in front of the sea. Imagine having nice full body massage, while listening to the waves and with great view in front of you. Phew wow!'s weird but my hair looks good despite all the blowing from the strong wind

We also made a trip to my cousins' room. Her family chose the bungalow room which means is like a...bungalow LOL. Whereas, mine is just like normal hotel rooms. For my family we are not that particular about our hotel rooms. I mean if we can sleep in better ones why not? Just that we are not particular haha. 

But I have to admit that my cousin's room is so mad awesome! And these are only the views of the outside!

They even have an outdoor mini smoking area where they can smoke or even hang around and chit chat

After all the camwhoring, we headed for the pool to have a dip which you all seen earlier in this post!
Well, we didn't take much photo because we all look kinda unglam after getting out hair wet HAHA.

And we actually spend close to 3 hours in the pool itself! Gosh. 

A photo at the lobby and off we go to the streets to have our dinner :D 

Decided to dine in this restaurant call Orchid. 

Guess they are not called Orchid Restaurant for no reason because almost all the dishes have Orchid garnishes

I love these kind of clean interior design! How I wish I can have a house like this

Caesar Salad, but it didn't taste as fantastic as Ii hoped it would. The vegetables tasted too raw.

Mixed grill with Beef, Pork and Chicken. Nice sauce that was being served with it!

Spicy chicken which didn't taste at all spicy but had a unique taste to it which I love haha

An artistic shot which I took on the way back to hotel to rest a wee bit before heading for the night market

In Koh Samui, you can see electrical cables hanging around all in the air. If I wasn't wrong, it was made to be so because there are far too many cables around so it's easier for them to leave the cables hanging around in the air. Just so in the case they have to repair any shop's wiring, they can do so easily. 

Such complexity within simplicity. 

Headed to a night market which I've forgotten the name for it as well HAHA

Bought some souvenirs for Eggy here as well haha. And I also tried out their bubble tea! It looks so interesting the way they made it. 

I also had this crepe which tasted so good, given that I found it at a night market. Had the banana nutella one

Lastly, ending this post off with a photo of the gift which I gave to my mum for Mother's Day, which happens to fall on the day we were at Koh Samui. Got her a Kate Spade wallet.Yes, eating grass (Singapore Chinese used this term to describe the fact that we have to live on bread) for this month haha. But definitely worth for my mum :]

Alright that's about it for my Day 1 at Koh Samui. Well, actually next few days, revolves around swimming etc too but no worries, I will post them up too after I edit the photos! Hope you guys love this post!!

Cheers, and love to you all!


  1. WOah Ben, you have really really large calves, but they dont really look defined to me. SO you do cardio or work your legs?

  2. Haha! That's why I've been telling everyone that my calves are humongous! HAHA, but nope, I am too lazy to do any exercise.

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