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We are back for the second entry for "A Fika Journey With BenVoda" section!
This time round, I am going to introduce to you all, Wimbly Lu

There has been recent rave about this cafe, technically specialising as Chocolate Cafe. 
Heard from my bestie, Angie, that their waffles are to die for and we should really try!
So, I was quite thrilled when Andy (AndyStorm) asked me out for brunch with Jiaqi and Joyce (Forensia)! 

Wimbly Lu is located at quite an ulu (a term used in Singapore for deserted) landmark. 
It is within all the landed properties, and luckily JiaQi's friend drove us there, so there wasn't much issue. 
We were like kids "hopping" around in car when we saw the cafe haha!

Okay, I am bad with cars, so apparently this car is a property of Wimbly Lu's and it's quite an antique. 
Everyone took a photo with it, and I've no idea why I didn't... Hmmmm...

Greeted by the old school furniture and ornaments at the doorstep, it immediately led me a thumbs up for it!

This should be some film-corder or player machine. Looks very antique.
Would definitely love to have such displays in my room as well! Gosh!

Look at the amount of pastries we can choose from.
So spoilt for choices #firstworldproblems 

And of course, this is not all. There are also other choices like Waffles and ice cream as well!
On top of that, they also do serve brunch menus (only on weekends) :]

They do sell chocolates as well. Took this photo for you people! HAHA

When we arrived, there was already a crowd dining inside. 
Guess its due to labour day, but we were up next in queue, so it wasn't that bad. 
As we waited, the queue starts to form and no longer, there was a long queue waiting.
Well, queues in Singapore could only prove the cafe to be of certain standard right?

Finally we got a seat!
We chose the seat "outside". Basically it's still air-conditioned but the roof is of windows.
Why? Because we wanna take nice photos with natural lighting! It will turn out better haha! 

Here are our food!! Don't drool ah!

Hot Chocolate Drink

French Fries and Harsh Browns! 

I love Carrot Cakes!!! My all time favorite!
And JiaQi and Andy never try Carrot Cake before so it's a DEFINITE NEED to order!
Luckily, the carrot cake here is nice, and not so chunky. As such it's pleasant to the taste bud.
Glad that JiaQi and Andy love it as well hehe. 

This is Root-Beer Float Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream
It is unique because I've never tried root beer cake before, but only root beer float!
You all should try it. Tons of people around us ordered this too, so it must be a best seller item.

The long awaited, Waffles!!!!
The thing that amazed us was that, after taking forever to take photos of all the food, the waffle wasn't cold!
Instead, it is still soft and warm, we literally went O.O when we ate it haha!

This is on the top of my recommendation list to you all!!! Must try!!! 

Random Shot of my tee :3

We also had their mushroom soup with garlic bread.
The bread was soft and yummy but I wouldn't recommend ordering the soup.
I always have a thing for Mushroom Soup, but this was a disappointment.

It was too diluted and the mushroom was too chunky by bits and pieces. 
You can try, cos our preferences might be different, but it doesn't work well for me. 

Camwhore time after dining!!!
It's been long since I met all of them and I am glad we had this short brunch together! 

Haha Joyce photobombing me from behind!! 

Group Photo: Me, JiaQi, Joyce and Andy!
Happy us, with filled and satisfied tummies!! 

Head down to Wimbly Lu with your loved ones soon!

  • 15-2, Jalan Riang
  • Singapore, Singapore 358987

Nearest MRT Station: Serangoon
Bus Available: 105 & 58

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