Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Koh Samui Day 2!

I am so so productive this time round as compared to my previous trips. For eg. to Japan or Hong Kong.
Because I am blogging about my Day 2 in Koh Samui now! Wuahaha! Not very fast but at least it's good :p

For my second day in Koh Samui, we rent a car so that we can drive around the island on our own.
Not that the cab fare there is pricey, totally NOT. It's just that driving around makes things much more convenient, not to forget the fact that it is definitely another experience for us. 

So for Day 2, we are going to their local tourists attraction spots!
Basically they are all temples but with spectacular views. 
And our first stop is WAT PLAI LAEM!

Ok, I was quite fascinated by the design of this gate. I mean, we hardly see such abstract gates in temples what!

Told you all already that I am being a total tourist this time round. So here is my tourist's shot! 

Another shot with my family members with the 18-arm Buddha in the background

The reason why we were walking at the side is because the red tiles are burning hot to the feet!!! GOSH!

Moving to the Laughing Buddha which was just right beside the previous one. Haha so cute right?

I really like my hairstyle to be so, look so old school and clean! But somehow I was just lucky back then...

The temple is under some major reconstruction so there were actually tons of roof tiles lying around.
And if you're not a Buddhist or Taoist, this is what our religion do. Most of the time, whenever there is reconstruction of temples we would actually write our wishes on the roof tiles, and these exact same tiles will be used to construct the roof of the temples. In Singapore, we would usually have to pay but it's free in Koh Samui!

Just another camhore photo of me in the back seat of the car haha! All to myself!!!

Our next stop is Big Buddha Temple, which is also known as Wat Phra Yai locally. At this tourist spots, there are many shops around for us to purchase some cheap apparels or food as well.  

From far, we can actually see the majestic Buddha Sculpture already

I actually find all the temples in Thailand to be rather interesting in terms of their whole layout and design
Just take a look at this amazing sculpture of a dragon, which is a great symbol to the locals. 

Shopped around the area and found an old grannie selling roasted cuttlefish!!! She actually BBQ it on the spot

What is Summer without some bright colored and fully bloomed flowers?! 

Headed back to our hotel area and dined in another nearby restaurant! 

My dad looks grumpy here because he didn't manage to capture a nice polaroid of my mum and I HAHA

Look at my mum's twist! I always make fun of her short and fatty fingers hehe so cute

Presenting to you our yummy yummy food (and I am having reversal effect, because I am blogging this in camp now and I'm feeling mad hungry now -___-")

Went back to our hotel to have our last night's swim and dip in the pool!!:)

At night, my dad drove the car and I was directing him around the island with a map.
Not bad right, I can navigate around one hor! Yups, just my mum, dad and I! In the end, we realise the night markets at other areas aren't very nice. So we headed back to our hotel's location where the night markets are far more bustling and more variety in goods! They even have STARBUCKS!

FINALLY! After seeing so many people post Coconut Ice Cream from BKK! I have mine in KOH SAMUI! I claim to be the first one to post the photo of coconut ice cream from Koh Samui online! LOL

It tasted so so heavenly!! I now do wish I can go to BKK and try theirs too. Eggy, can we go there? Pretty please~

Yups, I did buy a few items there, including some accessories for my BFFs, who were with me since Kindergarten and Primary School. Ya, Kindergarten and primary school, you didn't see wrongly haha. 

Like I said, this trip was all about relaxing. My family, cousin and I really just let everything take place slowly, even when it comes to meal and shopping. Totally stress free unlike other trips. I really enjoy such moments and I do encourage all of you to try such trips also from time to time.

I miss my holiday in Koh Samui now and I want to travel to other beaches too! Ultimately, before I die I wanna visit Maldives! Hope I can go there someday hehe. As for now, do wait for my last post on Koh Samui!

Thanks for reading people! You're AWESOME!

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