Monday, June 3, 2013

SUNDOWN 2013 : My First Race

Few days back I joined Sundown 10KM run with my BMT Mates!
Yes, you all must be thinking I am crazy, so do I think so of myself as well. 
I am really not a runner, in the sense that, I really cannot run! I am even struggling with 2.4km. Now...10km?

As the days creep by and the day of the run getting closer, I have a simple though:

Exactly how I felt. 

But tadah, I didn't back out. Took a group photo with my BMT Mates who were running with me. 
I look so small and petite here right?! All of them are so well build and big in size!

Okay, so I just accepted the fact that I was already there so why not just give my best at it.
I really cannot run because of my back problem and I tend to give up damn easily. 

The starting of the run wasn't that bad, we were all running together and the pace wasn't that bad. But when we hit 2km, I started to feel tired. Not really physically, but because I was breathless. On verge of giving up.

Then poof, Lester waited for me. I was signalling him to just go ahead and try to clock his best timing and don't stop cos of me. But nah, he waited for me and started pacing me. Phew, thanks god to him, I managed to finish the whole race!!! WITHOUT STOPPING! So proud!!! Cannot believe it also. 

Here is a picture of Jak, Lester and I after our run. Ben was bathing so we didn't wait for him HAHA

I must admit the run sure was a great experience. And I am glad that I was part of it, in fact I don't mind going for more of such runs! It's great workout and I feel great after the whole thing. The first half of the run, was indeed tiring max. But after that, you'll just keep on running and running. 

Here I am posing with the medal I got after the whole race! Shall start collecting race medals now!! 

Alright people! I just wanna say, don't give up pursuing your dreams!
I've always wanted to join a race but thought I couldn't make it, but I did. 
Don't give up! When there's a will, there's a way.

One wish struck off my bucket list! More more more!

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