Tuesday, July 16, 2013

InstaPrint Your Photos!


Instagram is definitely not a stranger to most of us.
It allows us to upload photos taken, any moment, anywhere and any time. 
The easy platform for all of us to share wonderful and inspiring photos across the whole globe.

But then again, isn't it a pity at times that we are unable to develop the photos out?

No worries! Now PORTAGRAM is here to solve this issue!

Portagram specializes in printing quality Instagram products, using only the best films made of finest materials. But what's more attractive will be that you can actually get your hands on them, at a very affordable price! 

Better news for all my readers!
Portagram ships worldwide!  So no matter where you are,
Portagram will be able to deliver your photos to you! 

I am proud to announce that Portagram and I manage to have a small partnership and I was actually sponsored 3 rolls of films to be developed! You can actually print up to 12 photos with 1 roll of their film!

Take a look at what came into my mail! What I like about Portagram, is not only their service in developing the photos I've posted on Instagram. But also their dedication to what they're doing! From a simple mail, they actually sent to such lengths such as stamping their own logos onto it! And of course, I do love the envelope that was used as well. Old school ftw!

Portagram allows us to choose 3 types of materials for our photos to be printed on:
1. Standard (Vintage)
2. Classic (Glossy)
3. Premium (Pearl Shells)

I tried both Standard and Classic.
Those photos you see in this blogpost are printed with Classic.

I personally adore the Classic more than Standard.
Standard feels more "woody" and vintage in some sense, as they are made of recycled paper.
But Classic blew me away as they did such justice to my photos.

I feel that it really depends on what photos you're printing as well. 
And also, personal preference plays a part too :)
I am going to try the Premium soon after I collate the photos I want to print, and I encourage you all to try all 3 before deciding on your favorite! 

So what are you guys waiting for? Head down Portagram NOW and start developing your Instagram photos! 

Here is another deal for you guys!
Quote "BenVoda" at the checkout bar and you'll enjoy 20% discount off your total bill!!!
Enjoy and do share with us the photos you've received in your mail! Have fun! 

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