Saturday, August 10, 2013

Fika Journey: Windowsill In The Woods

I am definitely here trying to add more calories to your body haha!
Yup, when you see FIKA, you think of BenVoda's FIKA Journey! 
Cafe-hopping its definitely a very expensive "hobby", both to the body and the pocket of course.

Today, the star of this post is
"Windowsill In The Woods"

This cafe specialises in selling pies to their customer.
Till date, I've seen more cafes selling cakes, cupcakes or desserts but not pies,
that's at least for me. So when Fero told me about this cafe, I was excited to visit them! 

(Sorry I didn't take photo of the place from the outside, oops)
So when we first enter the cafe, there were already a crowd there but not too cramp.
It's just like entering the woods of a fairy tale story. I'ts definitely comfortable.
That's already a plus point, because ambiance is what matters most in cafe, then its food. 

Just take a look at the ceiling that was taken into consideration as well for its interior 

This is the menu that was displayed at the counter for us.
No prize for guessing what drink I got for myself! But, you can comment and tell me too haha :p 

Tadah! Here are the pies that are available for us to choose from! 

Basically here are some of the pies that they sell:
1) Banana Almond Brittle
2) Strawberry Lemon
3) Morello Cherry
4) Coconut Lime Vodka
5) S'Mores
6) Grasshopper
7) Pecan
8) Funny Apple 

Fero and I both chose to have the Banana Almond Brittle pie (which is apparently one of their bestsellers) and also the S'mores pie. Both are really nice but the S'mores pie is a bit too sweet for my palette though.

I highly recommend the former, it is very light scented and goes well with coffee

Now let's bring you short tour around the whole cafe

It's weird but yup, this is the entrance of the toilet HAHA. Quite cute right! 

Oh ya! I forgot to mention that Fero and I brought our kids out that day!!!
yes, he bought me a Stuart Interactive Minion toy! SO nice of him right! Hehe.

Look at Dave!!! He wants to get his hand on the coffee too HAHA

The forever handsome and cute Fero with the kids :D 

Ya, he is trying to "hoax" the resident bear into taking a cool hipster photo with him


That's all for now!!!!
If I were to rate, I will give this cafe a 8.5/10!

It is a very nice concept that they're actually selling pies and specialising in it.
But then, I would not want the whole ambiance to go to waste, so it will be nice if they do sell others like breakfast items so that people can dine there as well. Don't wanna waste the whole atmosphere yeah?

To get there it is actually very easy and near to Chye Seng Huat Hardware, which I blogged about previously! 
Here you go, the address of Windowsill In The Woods:

78 Horne Road
Singapore 209078

Once again, you only live once, so heck with all the calories or whatsonot!  That can come later, do bring your friends to Windowsill for some light pies as desserts after some meal! Pamper yourself more, and I can't believe I'm saying this but, #YOLO! 

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