Sunday, September 8, 2013

Exploring Pulau Ubin!

Helloooooooo everybody!!! How has your weekend been?
Weekends are very precious, especially to the working adults and of course *ahem* all the soldiers and servicemen who are serving National Service haha! So of course we must spend it well!

For me, Fero and I decided to head to Pulau Ubin to kick start our weekend!
Well, I shall just say yesterday since I am blogging past midnight now.

We've planned to head to Pulau Ubin, to cycle around the island as leisure activity!
Fero had his colleagues at work to go cycling with us haha! major excursion and its nice to go there in a big group with the nice peeps! Met up at Pasir Ris early in the morning at 9.45, and surprisingly I was the first one to reach because I am always the late one haha! Had Macs for breakfast and off we go! 

How can we miss out such an iconic shot whenever people visit Pulau Ubin?! 

Of course, since we are already there, I decided to just snap a few good shots!
I mean Pulau Ubin does belong to Singapore, yet it is the total opposite of the mainland. 

In Singapore itself, we have heavy traffic, bustling cities. Basically a lot of activities going on at the same time! But Ubin it totally a different case, so peaceful and quiet. Everything just takes place at a slow pace. Enjoy the good old nature man people! 

We rented bicycles to roam around the island! And this is the first scenery that we saw!
Not very magnificent, but definitely a sight for those who have not been in touch with nature.

The boy, Fero, stopped halfway and asked me to shoot this photo for him with a somewhat flower-look-alike being that is hanging on the tree haha! His expression very cute right :p 

The only bicycle shot we got for the day! I was waiting at the bottom of the slope for Fero (who is cycling the double seat as one of his friend doesn't know how to cycle) and another of his colleague, so I can snap this! Not bad not bad *pat myself on the back*

Apparently a very big tree which is suppose to signify something but I didn't manage to snap the photo of the description because Fero spotted a Malay tombstone at the bottom of the tree. So, shall not snap it

We are heading to Chek Jawa Wetlands for our first destination in Pulau Ubin!

We were already excited (at least for me) to roam around but it seems like Ubin wants us to feel even more welcomed so they sent this group of Wild Boars, not 1, not 2, not even 3, but many of them when we first arrived at Chek Jawa! 

They are actually very cute animals! I mean of course we have to keep silence in case they got startled and start chasing us around. But on serious note, why does Wild Boars chase people? Hmmmm..

Walk along this long bridge which covers the whole wetland's perimeter! Not bad, it actually extended out to the sea, so the cool sea breeze was actually blowing against our faces as we walked. Relaxing~ 

In this pile here, try to spot for the Mud Lobster (which looks like any other crabs) or mudskipper?
Can you find anything? Maybe not...because this was a random shot I took HAHA! But then, we did really see those two above creatures with our own eyes! We even saw a black snake! 

Back to where we park our bicycles, the wild boars were back in action! They were basically just munching on the leaves of the bushes that was around! Not bad because then, we can shoot more pictures of the UP CLOSE! 

OINK OINK (I wonder if they even do oink)! Last photo of them and off we go!

While cycling back, Fero and I noticed there is this large Water Lily pond within one of the small road. So we decided to park our bicycles at the main road and walk in to check it out! No regrets! So beautiful! 

Both of us perspiring like a running tap! Never underestimate cycling! They can really burn you out! 

Shall end this post with a photo of this cute dog we saw at the second level of the bicycle rental shop!  
So cute! It's just sitting down there and looking around, and it was drizzling. This doggy sure knows how to enjoy life! And I really love the whole decorations of the house!

Ending this abruptly!
You can go explore Pulau Ubin by just going to the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, which is located just right beside Changi Village, and take a ferry there! It costs just $2.50 for a single trip! 

Enjoy these small peaceful moments since you're cooped up in this busy and fast moving city for so long already! Enjoy the moment as such :) 

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