Saturday, September 14, 2013

Labrador Park Nature Reserve

Been really travelling around Singapore a lot recently, and I really mean a lot!
From Cafe Hopping to going Pulau Ubin, and we just went to a nature reserve last weekend! 

Fero and I decided to head to Labrador Park and explore! 
It is so convenient, just take the circle line to Labrador, and wa lah LOL 

Haha this has definitely become Fero's signature pose. The Stamford raffles pose haha! 

Upon alighting Labrador station, there is a long walkway for us to travel before reaching the ultimate destination. Along the way, its actually one of the fe natural mangrove swamp which we can find in Singapore itself. And we were both amazed (like 2 small kids) and got so excited when we saw the squirrel as shown in the picture above haha. 

The tail of the squirrel is actually very cute worh~ 

Found this life buoy and decided to camwhore with it!  

I was just walking normally and looking around when Fero suddenly said "Hey big lizard!"
I was like "wHERE?!" Because I freaking HATE lizards and now you're telling me there is a BIG one. 

So apparently there was a monitor lizard lying amongst the dried leaves.
And we were both narrating what the lizard was feeling when it walked away from us 
"Stupid humans, I was trying to sun tan myself. *gives the WTF face*" LOL! 

That's what I love about this boy, we can talk all kinds of nonsense like small kids 

This actually amazed me, can you guess what it is?

It's actually an ant nest! 
And it was actually built in the trees on one of the branches!
It's just magnificent on how ants can actually come up with such "architecture".

This is the magnificent view that greeted us when we reach the end of the walkway.
From the mangrove swamp to the big ocean! Love the breeze blowing against my face~

Haha post this photo on Instagram! 
It's rare to see me wear shirt out, luckily the weather was merciful that day. Phew. 
Love the photo!  so pwetty right the background?!

Pretty flowers that blossomed in an unusual manner. The living. 

The flower. The dead. 

So Geography right this shot? Can sent to National Geographic and win prize le haha

Playing around with the cute displays there. Look how kiddy we can get! 

I am superman, although you're the Dragon Tooth, not! You're just a replica! FAKE!!! 

HAHA, this thing here is like so drama feel hot?
"You jump, I jump" or "I won't leave you, I'll await for your return *aeroplane fly past*" LOL! 

This used to be like the place where last time soldier used to camp here and look out for enemies that's incoming from the sea haha! PewPewPewPew! 

Long time never see my face appear here le hor? Nah give you! 

Then we moved on to the actual nature reserve and explore.
Deep within, there are actually like displays and reserves of what the olden days' soldiers actually used.
This place is real stuff! Everything being preserved to the best of their ability.

Fero trying to accompany the soldier doing sentry duty if not her will be so so bored~  

"But I am getting sick of this already..... *pout face*"

Ooops..forget this weapon name. But it's definitely some badass weapon that can kill tons :p

Lastly, we ended our trip there by moving up to the peak and looking right down at the sea and the park where families gather together for picnic or just chilling around. It's so peaceful and nice.

Do check out this place!
I strongly recommend you all to do so. 
Simply enjoy the small moments, like I always says.

Peace out! 

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