Friday, September 6, 2013


Been to tons of wonderful places with Fero for past few months
Think we both can really set up an individual blog to start introducing all cafes etc to you guys!

Last weekend, Fero and I decided to go to this place, relatively new, call PASARBELLA!
It's located at The Grandstand, basically the old turf club, where horse races were held. 
And I must say, this newly built extension does really bring in a lot of crowd compared to the past

Now let me bring you on a short trip around then!

As mentioned in my blog post title, PASABELLA, is really like an atas (high class) pasar malam (night market which sells everything, like fun fair). They really sell a lot of food, of different cuisines, stalls being side by side with one another. Actually the place do resemble overseas like Australia or the States' supermarket. Totally not like Singapore.

The photo above are the stalls that you can find inside PASARBELLA!

When we first enter, we can see Japanese cuisine as well as row of seafood being sold. They look really fresh, and I saw many people ordering dozens of fresh oysters to eat. They really look fresh, so you might want to order some fresh oysters when you're there!  

Not only food, wines and beers are also being sold
Wines are sold in either per glass, or the whole bottle. Try some there and you may purchase the whole bottle back for more enjoyment at your own leisure :)

Of course, how can we forget about Coffees and Teas? 
Fero and I visited this particular stall which attracted a crowd for their coffee, Dutch Colony.

I had their iced latte (like duh! what's new?!) and it is quite aromatic. I love it!
While we were sitting down having our drink, there is this Caucasian busker, singing jazz and smooth and slow music. Totally immersing myself in the whole relaxing atmosphere! 

They also have party store!!! Selling many different kinds of balloons! Haha! 

That's the boy, Fer, posing with the settings of the place! 
Like he said "Eat and be merry and go fuck some spiders" Haha he and his spiders 

I love the clock, can I go steal it from there at night?

We didn't settle our lunch within PASARBELLA, instead we choose to explore the whole Grandstand.
We came across this outlet call "Omakase Burger" and we find it quite interesting and decided to try it!

Heard from my camp mate that day as we discussed about this outlet,
the boss's father actually mentioned that they are deciding to open an outlet at the East side.
That will be cool, because their food is really nice and it's a bit too troublesome for people to travel all the way there just because they want to eat this!

Having an outlet at the East will be good!
Also, they do really have the potential to open an outlet in town.
It's that good! 

This is Fero Man Part: Revenge of the Burgers. Coming Soon. 

Tadah! Our burgers and truffles fries! 

Fero had the cheeseburger and I had the bacon cheeseburger! It was so so yummy! 
When I went to collect the food, the first smell that linger around my nose is the truffle fries! Smells damn good. And when we dive our teeth into the burger, the juice of the thick beef patty just oozes out into my mouth! Can salivate right now! DEFINITELY MUST TRY! 

Head back to PASARBELLA and saw this cute sign for the restrooms! 

Inside, they also sell poultry and meat that are marinated and seasoned, and all you have to do is to purchase them and bring home to cook! Easy, breezy, COVERGIRL (LOL!)

Walked past this stall with a group of teenagers selling roast pork meat!
This is also another must try! The skin is very crispy!!! Cannot describe how good it is!
But heck all the fats or diet! Must eat this or you'll regret! 

And the dear boy decided to have some cute photos taken with the poster and the light bulbs!

I love the light bulbs! Can I have them as my ceiling lights in my room?

Oh well, that kinda rounds up my trip to PASARBELLA. It's definitely worth the trip and if you do have the time on hand, why not travel there? It's very convenient!

You can choose to take a train to Toa Payoh, and take the shuttle bus service!
Take a look below:

Time Schedule for Toa Payoh/ Botanic Gardens Route
Bus stop at Exit C, Toa Payoh MRT station. (B52189)
Depart from 
Toa Payoh MRT (B52189)
Depart from 
Botanic Gardens MRT (B41021)
Depart from 
The Grandstand

0845hrs (First Trip)0855hrsNo Service
No ServiceNo Service2230hrs
No ServiceNo Service2300hrs (Last Trip)

It is very convenient and there is also shuttle service from The Grandstand and out!
Enjoy you weekend! I'll try to slowly clear my posts one by one!

Recently a few items I managed to got online has arrived!
Can't wait to blog about them and share with you all. Hopefully I am not too lazy haha!

Till then!! Enjoy your weekend people! 

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