Friday, November 8, 2013


A week ago, Ryan, Melvin and I met up (as usual for a month and going) in the afternoon for a meal before we head off for drinking later at the night with Daryl. Decided to head to Vivo to have our lunch settled and we decided to give Jamie's ITALIAN a try since a lot of people has been raving about it.

First impression of the place is that it is so so amazing! 
I do love the interior of the place, and of course the concept of it. There is actually a bar within the restaurant so, I find it very unique as it's more towards the Caucasian culture kinda thing. 

And of course, it is very spacious, making the dining experience better and much more enjoyable. 

Went through the menu and got rather excited maybe due to the fact that we have expectations of what's to be served and not forgetting it is after all a dining place opened by a famous chef. 

Thought that the food was rather pricey upon seeing it, but it was just kind of a passing impression as soon enough we were reminded once again that it's launched by a famous chef (tadah!) 

Meow (Melvin), and I ordered a main dish each, and Ryan, being the typical Ryan, decided to go harsh on his stomach and stick to his diet plan haha. So, he only got a cup of Iced Mocha for himself. 

Here are the side dishes which we ordered to share among the 3 of us!

Our first side dish is Crispy Squid ($11.50)
Which apparently did not taste crispy at all..did not have those crunch crunch crunch feeling
I felt that it was kind of a waste given the standards that was expected.
Even Fish & Co.'s fried calamari was better, seriously. 

This is the Crispy Stuffed Risotto Balls ($11.50)'s only 3 balls so I guess it is expensive right? Haha omg so auntie.
But then, it's rather yummy but definitely in my opinion, it's not worth the price. 

It's those kind that you'll go "Wah! Nice" but not "OMFG! SO FABULOUS, I WANT MORE!"
You all do get it right? Haha

Now to the main dish, I ordered the Baked Salmon ($25)
It was Ryan's treat so I didn't dare to order any others because they appear much more pricey,
So I decided to try the salmon since I love salmons, so why not?

They do put in a lot of effort as you can see, it was well garnished. 
Taste wise, it was pretty good. I do recommend you guys to try this if you do visit them. 

My overall ratings for Jamie's ITALIAN will be 6/10 at most
To me, I find that it is way too overrated, and I guess it's totally a Singaporean thing?
Because when people go raving about something, all others will start swarming to that place. And that gives the impression of "how good" the place is. But it may be otherwise when you experience it yourself.

This is my opinion because the food didn't taste so fabulous that it's worth the price. 
If given a choice, I can just settle for Fish&Co. and pay a much cheaper price yet tastier servings. 

I am not saying do not patronize them, go ahead! We all need to try it ourselves as everyone has different preference! And if you're interested, here is the address:

Jamie's Italian
1 HarbourFront Walk,
VivoCity, #1 165-167
Singapore 098585 

+65 67335500
Have fun filling up your tummies people!
And...I seriously have not been taking my blogging seriously recently haha!
Oh well, guess there are much more things that occupied me :p

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