Sunday, November 24, 2013

Jody's Birthday at Marina Barrage!

2 weeks ago, Jody, Kiyomi and I decided to head to Marina Barrage for a picnic session.
We've not been meeting each other very often, with different commitments for us to attend to.
Jody is in her Poly schooling, and Kiyomi just finished her Year 1 in JC. And me? Army lo. LOL. 

So we chose to go picnic because it's cheaper in a sense? And it's nice to be out under the sun too from time to time. Teenagers like us seems to hang out in town or go restaurants to chill only nowadays.
Take a break from all of that and head out, it's nice too you'll be surprised. 

The first picture we took when we reached there being all excited.
It's actually more exciting for Kiyomi and I because we are actually making use of this chance t celebrate Jody's birthday in advance, since we hardly have time to meet up.

Kiyomi and I went to ION's DAISO to get "picnic mat" and also some decorations to make it look and feel more like a picnic. And of course, more presentable to blog more with nicer picture taken haha!

Jody actually took the effort and make like scramble egg sandwich and also cheese and ham sandwich!
Totally didn't expect it lo, I thought she'll be too lazy to do so, but she surprised me :p

I went to get some nice pastries from one of the bakeries at the basement of ION.
Aiya, not for the purpose of eating, just to make the whole place has feeling only. Looks nice right!

We got the baskets, flower cloth (picnic mat) windmill and the flowers from DAISO. Feeling feeling~
The puppy is actually Kiyomi's makeup pouch or something haha! So kawaii! 

So innocent looking hot those eyes! *melting* 

So, we bought a cake and a present for Jody, and we were thinking of how to present it to her.
Because she totally HAS NO idea that we are celebrating her birthday for her.

I told Kiyomi to purposely leave one space blank so we can place the cake there with the gift.

And so I went "Eh! Take photo leh! Everything also setup already! GOGO!"
And so the girls and I took turns to take photo with the whole thing being setup, or so Jody thought.

After taking the 3 pics, I mentioned "Eh! Lik a bit empty leh the space. Need find something put there"
This time, Kiyomi was suppose to take the cake out, and Jody went "I GOT SWEETS!!! CAN PLACE THERE!" Awkward moment arises haha!

Kiyomi then gave stupid but no choice reason like "Your sweets so ugly! I got something better!"
OMG we so bimbo lo please. And she took out the cake and we started singing Happy Birthday song to Jody. Of course, she was genuinely shocked because she didn't expect it at all. 

Well, it's a simple cake but it's the thought that counts, right?

Anyway, before that we were late for like half an hour or so from the meeting time.
Simply because Kiyomi and I has to go buy all the stuff! Not forgetting Jody's present too.

Jody being the typical whole day being fan girl type, it's easy to find something for her.
She ADORES AND LOVES Justin Bieber for some reason and so I suggested getting her his perfume. Ended up in Sephora for it haha. It was awkward because the salesman thought I wanted to buy for MYSELF. WTH NO WAY MAN! HAHA.

Jody with her present and she didn't want to unwrap it on the spot.
But we both insisted she do so, so no choice, she just has to obliged! 

And the next photos are totally candid photos shot by Kiyomi.
Featuring the expressions and sequence of Jody's reaction:

She really screamed damn loud till everyone around us was looking at our direction!!! 
She was so happy that she jumped around also, totally epic moment.

We got her the Justin Bieber's GIRLFRIEND perfume.
And she told us that's the one she wanted, phew luckily we got her that instead of others haha!
Most importantly, she loved the present. That made us happy too :)

Tadah! Now the mat looks more filled up already! 

I'm sucking my thumb like a baby! 

Ending this Part 1 post of a camwhore photo of the 3 of us!
All looking good here! There are more photos taken on that day itself!
It all adds up to like 124 pictures. The rest of the photos are either candid or very funny ones!

I shall blog about the rest in another post another time!
Looking at those photos can make me laugh to myself too haha!

I really enjoyed myself on this day because it was definitely quality time well spent with them!
Sometimes, we don't need luxuries to be happy, just simple outing with good friends will do the job too.

Till then, love you guys!!!

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