Sunday, January 5, 2014

Taken For Granted

This is a photo of a model of the Titanic which I took last year during the Titanic exhibition

I am writing this post at an ungodly hour like 4:30am because there are just a lot of thoughts in my mind.
A lot has been running through my mind and I guess it's part and parcel of life when we reflect about life.

We all do know that the Titanic is a very magnificent piece of history.
Everyone goes "Wow!" when it was first built, and needless to say on the day itself when it was all ready to sail out and conquer the big ocean with thousands and thousands of passengers on board. 

As much as everyone was raving about how great The Titanic was,
The attention it received after it sank right into the North Atlantic Ocean was much greater.
People's curiosity aroused. Millions of people around the world turned their attention to it. 

And what's more?
A film (a great hit too) was also made out of the sinking of the Titanic. 
Somehow it goes to show that people only appreciates something once we lost them. 

This is just like life. 

In our lives, there are many people in it that plays different roles.
Whatever religion you are in, you're told that everyone that comes into our lives, teaches us a lesson.
And some of them, they do treat us very very well, giving all their effort in giving.
Sometimes they don't even expect any returns.

This blog entry is rather more personal because I am just getting relatively sick of how people can treat others for granted so easily. And it is only when they are on the verge of losing the person, then they put in effort to solve the issues that has already been existing.

Do not take others for granted, especially those that really care for you. 
You never know when the person will leave your life. Or for whatever reason they left you.
Till then, you'll only have regrets, but what's the point? 

Treat them right, and they'll stay.
And should they leave, at least you've no regrets. 

Don't let your life be a Titanic, only when its gone, then you realise the magnificence of it.

Love you people,

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