Monday, January 20, 2014

The Steph Micayle Saga

Steph Micayle.
Her name is definitely no stranger to anyone's ears in Singapore.
This is especially so due to her recent YouTube video which she did, entitled
"Why I am not proud to be Singaporean"?

Just by the title alone, pisses off a lot of people.
And being the judgmental creatures that we all are, I don't deny the fact that the first thing that came to my mind when I heard about this was "WTF? Then don't stay in Singapore la! What is she thinking?!"

But as you can see, the video is like 13 minutes long, I am really really sure that a lot of thoughts must have been placed in this video. So I decided to watch on and see what she has to say. And what she pointed out in the video does really makes sense! Ok, I have to admit that the way she conveys it may seem cocky and arrogant, and maybe bitchy, but put all that aside, she DOES really make sense.

It's like, it makes sense, but still debatable.
Not entirely up for us to bash. Nowhere near. 

There are a few points which she pointed out, which I find it really true:
1. Singaporeans are NOT CREATIVE
2. Singaporeans are SUBMISSIVE
3. Singaporeans are NOT HAPPY PEOPLE


Like what she said, she does not refer to ever single person in Singapore but the majority of it.
Singaporeans are seriously not creative in the sense that we are all thinking within the box and never dare to take the courage to step out of it and to be different. I always tell my friends and parents that we are always judging people to be abnormal, to entirely due to the fact that they are REALLY abnormal, but more of the fact that because they dare to do things that we "normal" people don't dare to. 

As such, I love to put together the fact that Singaporeans being Narrow Minded, actually leads to breeding non-creative generation.

Here is one example:

This is what majority Singaporeans male will wear out on a normal casual dad on weekend or so.
I am also just highlighting the majority, whatever I blog does NOT represent all Singapore males. 

Let's compare the above to the fashion below:

(Image from DEPRESSION)

Honestly speaking, 9/10 of us will actually think that anyone who dress as the above are crazy ding dongs. Especially due to the weather in Singapore, and also it just so not Singapore. We are not in Paris or France where fashion is everywhere and people can dress like out of the world, and yet being idolised by many and even creating a trend. 

That's why she was right in saying that most Singaporeans are narrow minded, because not all of us are willing to step out of our comfort zone. Anything that is out of what we think is "right" or "normal", everything other things is abnormal and unacceptable. 

That actually limits how much creativity one can express in Singapore.
We always tell people who wants to study art this: Aiya, in Singapore, study art cannot survive one!

Ever wonder why is it so? 
Look at Singapore, we do have platforms for arts people to express themselves and their pieces of work
But what is holding on to them from progressing within the country? When we speak of art, we thought of overseas but hardly Singapore itself. 

Given the fact that we have the Singapore Arts Museum and of course many other art festivals that is organised every year, why is it that ARTS doesn't seem to be making a breakthrough?

The reason is simple: Singaporeans are being taught in the educational system whereby it kind of made everyone's mind very structured, and in the sense, it's like being programmed. Put it this way, most of us are being put through the education system where we deem qualification to be EVERYTHING that determines us (you can read my write up on this HERE). 

To me, I really feel that this actually turn every single one of us to be rather BORING.
And because Singaporeans being pretty narrow minded, this makes things worst because people feel that ART is a waste of time, and we cannot achieve much from it. Instead, we should be more down to Earth, and get a Uni Cert etc. 

Despite the platform being provided, if we do not get the support of our very own people, how do we expect the ART Students to progress and make it big? We always say that it is HARD to survive as an arts person in Singapore, but we didn't say that it is IMPOSSIBLE to do so. Right? 

Also, she did point out the fact that, it is hard for art students to get into University, unless they are book smart as well! After all, Universities do look at results first, then your talent. You can be very very talented in the arts aspect, but if you were to be slightly sloppy in terms of academic, you will just be shoved aside and rejected. 

Face it, it IS the truth even till today. 
No matter how much the government says that they are trying to give chance to the ARTS Students. 
As such, creativity is being restricted. 


For this point, she mentioned Singaporeans are very submissive because we are very very obedient people. Which is true because we follow everything rule by rule. And as such, I guess this is debatable. 

I mean every country has our own rules, and of course, being the citizen of the country, we HAVE TO bow down our heads to the rules. If not, just get ready t be punished for it. But I can relate this point to the fact that, we all are very submissive to our work. 

We have no say but to be obedient to the rules of a country,
But definitely, we can make our work much happier, instead of just submitting to them, can't we?

A simple comparison could be made from the service sector (which was also mentioned by her in the video itself). We often hear people say like "Omg, all the Philippinos are dominating the service sector". This is true, because most restaurant that we visit, we have managers and servers who are from the Philippines. Cast aside all the prejudice we have against all these foreign workers, and you cannot deny the fact that their service attitude is very very good. They treat you with all smiles and friendlessness (maybe sometimes a bit too over that I cannot take it also haha). 

The point is: They make the best out of their own job and derive happiness

Singaporeans are just to to submissive to their jobs. 
They give in too too easily, and just take it as it is just a job and nothing more. 

Especially so for those waiters in restaurants. 
Why are our very own people frowning and giving us black face?
Being in the service sector, isn't friendliness all that maters? 

Yes, it might be a job that you dislike. It might be something you hate doing.
But since you are doing it, and already doing so, why not put in the effort?

If you think you are going to be so and stuck with this lifestyle forever, you will be. 

Being submissive to your job and complaining about it every now and then, doesn't make things ANY BETER. And, it makes you feel much worst, which leads to the next point.


We don't find joy in things that we do. And more than often not, it could be due to the various stress that we face from different aspect. Take a look at normal things that may seem negligible but yet they could really add up to a lot at the end of the day.

We all know how expensive living cost is nowadays. But then, things doesn't seem to get better as prices just continue to rise. One prominent example will be that of bus fares. Last times travelling costs around like 35 cents or so? Now, for some reason, they decided to jack up the price, making travelling much more expensive compared to the past. 

Yes, the government wants to like control the traffic flow so that it will not be jam everywhere like:

Which is a very good intention. So we start to have things like COE and stuff, so that lesser people will buy cars, thus reducing the traffic jams. And there comes the ERP and what not la. BUT, this means more people will be travelling by public transport, and now they decided to increase the fares by so so much. It is so freaking ridiculous.

Not forgetting the fact that recently, the COE is like 6 figures eh!!!
Totally can forget about buying cars, but then now travelling by public transport also damn ridiculous la. So what you all want? Coop us up at home? OMG.

Let's not forget about those lower income families, how are they suppose to cope with all these?
How to be happy when the rich gets richer and the poor, gets poorer? Are we really dragging Singapore into that state? With all the rising expenses, it is really damn hard to live a carefree and happy life. People always say we should be satisfied with what we have and we will find joy, 

That is ideally. Realistically, we have so much to worry for being we can have a "carefree" life. 


In many ways, the points in which Steph pointed out are very very valid and applicable. They are not so much of nonsense or insensitive. It may come off as very stuck up and bitchy, because of the way she conveys it. But like we mentioned earlier, put all that aside and look at the points mentioned and you will realise they are indeed quite true. 

And in fact, what I find childish about this whole saga about her hitting the headlines, is not much about her sucky attitude but more of how others react to her. 

Indeed, her attitude may put off many others, or even decline her any opportunity in the entertainment industry. But, isn't it much more childish of some of us commenting on her? Not commenting on her attitude, but more of a personal attack.

Like, why are you guys commenting bout her cleavage? 
Or like how ugly she looks likes etc? 
I thought the whole issue that some of you all are unhappy about was because of the things she said and her attitude? Why are her looks and dressing being brought in?

You mean you never see a girl dress with her cleavage showing before?
And those pervs out there, you sure you go clubbing, not to look at girls dressed as such?
Oh please… Grow up and make sensitive comments. 

If constructive comments were being given, it will not seem that bad.
But leave the personal attacks out, because there is no link at all?
And it doesn't make sense, because you are making a fool of yourself only. 

Peace out guys!:)

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  1. In my opinion,she's merely parroting what has been mentioned by many other Singaporeans. How can she relate to the woes when she pack up and left? To me,it's only a mere cry of attention with no constructive feedback to the cycle,no take-away lesson. Just a young girl with a naive mindset and yet to truly see the world.