Monday, February 17, 2014

Chinese New Year 2014

This post is like way way overdue.
But I'm not really bothered because at least I still bother to blog about it :p
(what kind of warped reasoning is that, but oh well.)

So I am gonna blog about Chinese New Year 2014.
To be honest, I don't really look forward to CNY this year. Or in actual fact, I guess it's just because we've all grown up? Friends of the same age group as me all felt the same way.

I mean when we were younger, we always look forward to CNY because that's when we will have major gatherings, with all the relatives coming together and whole room will be filled with laughter and joy. I remembered me being all excited about my relatives coming my house, and on CNY's Eve, I will scribble on papers the drinks we have in my house, and the next day, my cousins and I will pretend to be waiters and waitresses, going around taking orders from our relatives haha! 

But I guess, all these are just going to be memories.
Let the younger generations take over ba haha! 

As usual, I will visit my grandmother early in the morning after my parents and I head to the temple like 7am to pray for wealth and good health for the rest of the year. I love this shot! We hardly get to take photos together, since we stay so near to each other haha, see each other also will sian liao. 

I love my grandmother a lot a lot!
She's the one taking care of me since I pop out into this world! 
Cannot imagine (and won't want to) life without her anymore… 

Anyway, my relatives pop by my house in the late afternoon.
Didn't take much photos because like I mentioned, it's like another day for me somehow.
Am I really getting old :O

But what's different this year is that the two lovely girls, Jody and Kiyomi, did visiting to my house!
This is their first time doing so haha! I am so so happy to have them in my house :D

And…we just camwhored all night long! 

Took out my tripod, set the camera on self-timer and nothing can stop us from camwhoring!!! 

A formal family shot haha!

Look at my excited face when I'm gonna lit up the "firecracker" WUAHAHAHA!

Chinese New Year is that simple for me but I am so thankful for everyone that is part of my life

Love all of you who are still here with me after so long :)

Looking forward to my trip to Europe!!
Definitely there will be MUCH MORE chip photos

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