Friday, February 21, 2014

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I think recently I've been reading up a lot, and of course with the existence of social medias, news get spread even faster compared to the past. And so, in my usual whatsapp group with my best friends, one of them suddenly rant and rant about this guy call Lawrence Khong, who seems to be against Homosexuality. Of course, his followers are also retaliating to every single post and comments being made. 

In fact, this matter seems to be getting out of hand because till today the matter has not rest yet. 

As from what I've gathered and understand, this is the reason behind the whole saga:

Now there are 2 main issues in this whole argument (which results in the whole saga where a lot of people are raged or offended), and they are different Religious Views and Homosexuality. I am not surprised that people are having arguments or conflicts due to the differences in their own Religious Views, or from what I've read from the list of comments, different perspective of the same religion teachings. Which in this case, Christianity, where both parties could be Christians yet holding different view and perspective of this whole issue. 


Just in case some of you might be unaware of who Mr Lawrence is, here is a short introduction:
Mr Lawrence Khong is the Senior Pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC), who has a community of around 9000 or even larger. And he is also the founder and chairman of TOUCH Community Services , a non-profit welfare organisation that helps the under-privileged and the needy.

First and foremost, I think it is commendable of him to actually set up organisations to help the needy and the under-privileged because he is helping to address an issue which is existing in Singapore and that is there is actually a growth in the number of Singaporeans who are just getting by and surviving on the brink. With that, I really feel that we should give him the credits. 


Now back to the main topic of this blogpost, what really intrigues me and set me thinking is the things that people say online. More importantly, by someone of great influence and of respectable status. We must understand that, when we shoot our mouths off, there is always a repercussion to it. I experienced it before because I shoot my mouth off whenever I get pissed off, and it always ends up with some nasty drama. Who to blame but myself, right?

Things get even more complicated when religion, teachings and homosexuality all gets involved in the argument. It is like some sort of orgy party of all the sensitive topics that do not have any conclusion to it till date. 

Mr Lawrence is against homosexuality, which is very obvious from his FB posts, and recently he made a comparison that homosexuals are just like drug addicts, wife beaters and even pedophiles. Let's talk about Homosexuality first. What is your stand of this? Do you think that it is a choice or they are born to be so?

Personally, I feel that Homosexuality is an inborn nature. 
Unlike those commit murders or drug addicts, cases in which they can choose to commit the act or not. 
For wife beaters and drug addictions, all these are forms of actions and behaviours which can be corrected. For example, wife beaters can be sent to anger management centres or be under corrective orders to curb their behaviours. And for drug addicts, there are drug rehabilitation centres. 

What about Homosexuals? 
They DO NOT CHOOSE who they want to love or be attracted to. 
We all know how love actually works, and that is we just don't understand.
It just comes, when the feeling clicks and the next thing you know, you're so so in love and attracted to the person. We can choose who to be our partner but we can't help in terms of the attraction that comes naturally. 

But Mr Lawrence pointed out that just that it is something that comes naturally to a person, or that we can't change, it means that it is the right thing to do. I do not deny this fact if he is using it on murderers because they will always confess to the police that "I can't hep it! I just lose it and felt that it is the right thing to do at that point of time" However that is a life that we are talking about, so as such, such argument and reason should not be valid. 

But if we were to talk about Homosexuality, I just don't see how it fits into the puzzle. 
The reason I can think of, of why he is rebutting with such a statement is that, he feels that what a "normal" couple or relationship should be like is that of those between a girl and a boy, or a man and woman. And if love and relationship exists between two of the same gender, then it is deem as "abnormal". 

Note that I used inverted commas for both normal and abnormal because all of us have different definition of what is nomad or abnormal. 

One thing I am unsure is that, if Mr Lawrence is using God or stating from the Bible, that God deems homosexuality as a sin and should not be accepted, or it's just simply his own point of view.  

But let's just take a look at some of the comments being made by his very on followers, who are Christians:

I posting all these comments being made by others not for us to bash them or to agitate them. But since they are able to make such comments on a post of a person of great influence, I believe they are already prepared that people will quote them. And of course, posting stuffs online means that everyone has access to them, right? 

Anyway, just take a look at some of the comment that people that follow Pastor Khong. 
Nicole Lim is a lady who has no issues with the LGBT community, which in a way implies that she actually supports and do not discriminate the community, and apparently she is a Christian herself too. However, do take a look at those who replied to her comment. 

They are all Christians, however they all do have different views on such topics as well. 
What is sad that people like James Low (as seen above) can make such comments like "the sad thing is people in the church circle supporting lgbt". In what ways or manners that is sad, I do not understand and won't question as that is his point of view. But if we can be enlightened then why not?

Next, Jasper Chia commented "But He say "Go, and sin no more" and not "Go, and sin some more"".
Now, is he trying to imply that Homosexuality is a sin, and homosexuals are all committing sins?
Again, how is it a sin?

Scrolling through the comments column is very interesting because I get to see even more comments being made by tons of others. Below is another example, and apparently this Edna seems to be commenting and replying to almost everyone's comment, especially those that are against Pastor Khong.

A Pastor to tell us that homosexuality is wrong?
I do have a lot of friends who are Christians and non of them think that homosexuality is wrong.
They might feel disgusted or turn off or unacceptable, but the do not find it as a sin or wrong. 

And dear little Edna mentioned "ordinary colleague".
Who is ordinary? Define it. Aren't all of us born through out mum's vagina?
We are all also a product of our parents, aren't we?
So by ordinary and abnormal, what does she actually mean?

I am not criticising her, but just take a look at the groundless comments and insensitive choice of words that people use in commenting others. Isn't that a shame? This is exactly what leads to many many more other arguments. Unnecessary ones. 

Of course, we do have people who are civil and nice enough to try to put their point across to Pastor Khong, so it does not appear to be offensive and hard headed. So Nicole went ahead and had a comment as such:

She pointed out what I mentioned earlier on that drug addicts themselves can actually be categorised as "non-natural" (since that's the term that he used" as they are what they chose to be. Ultimately it is all human actions and behaviours. I love how she actually mentioned that Love is natural. 

In scientific terms, we learnt that "Unlike Poles, attract". That is a simple Law of Attraction.
It can be applied to human context as well "Opposite genders, attract".

As much as we follow "rules" or Laws, there are bound to be exceptions as well. 
Till date, there are many unexplained cases of scientific cases. Love is one thing. Is it Science?
Same goes for us humans, there are exception cases as well. 

What appears to be the norm, might not be the case for everyone.
And what seems abnormal to us, might just be the norm to others. 

Same thing I am going to ask all of you:
What is your definition of Normal?

Take one simple example and that is the dressing of each individuals.
Some people love to wear flamboyant or exaggerated apparels and we will comment that they are weird or give them weird glances. Why is this so? This is because majority of us do not dress like them. 

That's when we start labelling them as being abnormal.
Every single one of us think that we are all normal. 
Have you wonder if a looney every think that we are abnormal?

Once again, its all about perspective and point of view. 

In reply to the comment being made by Nicole (as shown above):

I love how this person actually replies to Nicole, not that the fact that he actually agrees with what we believe in. It is more of the fact that he actually put it across in a neutral way and of course we can see the thoughts that has been put through in commenting and replying back. 

One sentence he mentioned "Even heterosexual relations can go horribly wrong when they love itself is taken as the presiding authority in their lives. It can drive them to dangerous end such as a suicide pact or murder". 

This sentence is the main highlight of everything. And it can possibly end every single arguments. 

Yes, the Pastor and his followers may despise or diss Homosexuals in every ways. 
But at the end of the day, does Heterosexuals, guarantee a happy love life? Does it mean that being in a "normal" relationship, the world will be at peace? Link back to the fact that Pastor Khong actually compared Homosexuals to Pedophiles as well. Are you serious? Do you mean that there are no Pedophiles that are in a "normal" relationship?

What about those that smuggle young girls for prostitution?
What about those that go online to have webcam with young girls?

A very powerful word.
The most powerful weapon. 

                                                          - Benjamin Tan

Every single one of us are committing sin.
At least once in our live. Who are we to judge the personal lives of others?
As long as they do not commit anything illegal, shouldn't we all try to live in peace with one another?

I am not posting this blogpost to say that Pastor Khong is wrong or whatsoever. Every single one of us has the rights to our own views and I respect that, and I just merely post what I felt about this whole issue. He is entitled to his own views, but I believe he should respect others as well (which I think his God MUST have taught him as well because RESPECT is the most basic of all religious teachings). If he cannot even respect others, and continue to condemn them and infringe his beliefs upon others, then he himself has committed an even greater sin.

On top of that, his followers should also control themselves and not go around condemning others for who they are. The only reason this issues has not been resolved is simple: People are just hurling abuse to one another. Come on people, we can do better than that. 

As such, my conclusion and point is that, sensitive issues such as sexuality, religions and beliefs, should be kept offline. Just look at how a simple view from a Pastor can lead to such a big saga. 

Respect is earned and not commanded for. 
Respect others and you shall be respected.


  1. Secular world uses secular laws.
    Religious leaders use religious laws to control and manipulate their followers (moral laws)

    Problem is, moral laws are not enforcible in the real world.

    We all live in the real world!

  2. Do straight people have an option to chose being straight? If sexuality attraction is an option, when do all these straight people opted to become straight and at which stage in their life or education they realised such option exist, if they think gay is a choice, than Pastor Khong must have borned gay, and out of the blue he decided that he wanted to become straight and thus criticised gay people for not opting "normal" like he did?. So it applies to all those straight people out there that they can choose their sex orientation after birth.

    Let's' say, we go to the street, asked a straight guy whether he was previously gay and than chose to become straight, what answer will you likely to hear from them? They tell you that they have opted or borned that way? Now, straight people should feel how gay people feel by that logic. Don't ask gay people that kind of stupid question about choosing and choice. Don't force gay people to love a woman they don't love neither can you force a straight person to have sex with people they don't love. It is time Pastor Khong should wake up and see that the world is as beautiful as diversified as what was meant to be (God's own creation) - straight or gay.

  3. even if you have Christians who do not find that homosexuality is of no wrong.. what is the Truth?
    even if you have a pastor who goes around declaring that it is sinful... what is the Truth?

    there will be a judgment but not based on human understanding =)) enjoy!