Monday, March 17, 2014

Newly Improved Crizal-UV Lens

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I do believe that every single one of us do own a pair of sunglasses.
What is the purpose? Obviously to protect our eyes from the harmful UV Rays from the sun!

But do you know something? Wearing sunglasses do not necessarily protect us from those harmful UV Rays, and it is made worst when we own a pair of sunglasses which are not polarised (to reduce glare from sunlight). The misconception that most people have is that mirror coated sunglasses prevents our eyes from UV Rays. That is so NOT true. 

So you see, sunglasses DO NOT necessarily protect us from the harmful rays that comes from the sun. Now, what about prescription glasses? They are neither mirror coated nor polarised. 

How do people with imperfect eyesight prevent themselves from the harmful UV Rays when they are wearing their prescription glasses for almost the whole of their life? 

I am glad that CRIZAL has once again contacted me to sponsor me their product, "CrizalUV". 
I believe most of my readers will know that I've been sponsored by CRIZAL numerous times and I am a loyal fan of their lens because they are so so durable! Not to mention that they eliminate the enemies of clear vision! 

Previously CRIZAL helps to eliminate the following 5 enemies of perfect vision:

This new lens they are sponsoring me, actually protects our eyes from UV Rays as well! 

With E-SPF=25, our eyes are 25 times better protected than without any lens! 

The Eye-Sun Protection Factor has been developed by Essilor and endorsed by independant expert. This is an objective rating system measuring the protection brought by both sides of a lens.

For glasses with normal lens, only the front of the lens protects UV Transmission from the sun.  
However, with the Crizal-UV Lenses, it will actually filter UV exposure from both the front and the back of the lens! This means that the UV will not bounce off from the back of our lens into our eyes anymore! 

This actually does a lot of prevention for our eyes against those harmful UV Rays. 
In serious cases of overexposure of our eyes to UV Rays, we can actually go blind! 
So people, do take good care of your very own eyes because we only have a pair of them and they are not replaceable like Lego bricks where we can fix and dismantle anytime, anywhere! 

Also, the newly improved Crizal-UV Lens, also has Improved Scratch Resistance (SR Booster)!
This means that it is much more durable against scratches, thus giving you even much more clearer vision.

I am glad that Crizal sponsored me a pair of the newly improved lens once again!
My mum uses it and feedbacks that, indeed there is a difference because now she can has a clearer vision and her lens do not get smudges from our fingerprints as often compared to before! 

This proves that Crizal lens are effective in providing clearer vision.
I, myself, has been using it to and am a true loyal fan of it, not saying this just because I am sponsored by them and am obligated to say so. Do trust me, there is a difference! 

Why not try it yourself and experience the difference today!
Now is GIVEAWAY TIME! FINALLY!!! It has been so long since I last had a giveaway! 

Crizal is offering a pair of this improved Crizal-Uv Lens (without the frame) to 1 lucky reader of mine!
All you have to do is to follow me on Instgram and Twitter (@BenVoda), and comment on the picture which I will be posting on Instagram or @ mention me on Twitter, why will you want to win this pair of Crizal Lens!

It is THAT simple!
This giveaway contest will be due in 1 weeks time (17 - 24 March 2014) and I will choose the winner by using a random generator! So do join in and win yourself a pair of this awesome Crizal Lens! 

Good luck!! 

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