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Au Chocolat @ MBS

Few weeks back before I flew to Europe, I was honoured to be hosted by Au Chocolat to try out their upcoming Esther Menu, and to try some of their delicacies (from a menu filled with yummylicious dishes)! 

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Au Chocolat is located at Marina Bay Sands itself. right above the ice rink area. So, it is actually very easy to locate it, given the fact that it is so well furnished and outstanding! When I reached there, there was already a crowd inside, which took me by surprise. Because I wouldn't expect so many working adults to be dining there, since it looks like such a posh place. 

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That is to show you the overall view of the bistro itself. 

If you realise, there is like a mini railway track at the ceiling of the restaurant. According to the PR, Lynette, who hosted me for the day, the boss of the bistro has always loved the train since he was young, so he decided to incorporate that into his bistro. Definitely a good way to merge your childhood into your business. Also, their mascot is actually their very own dog too! So sweet right! 

I felt really comfortable and at home when I entered the venue. Thumbs up! 
Now, let's move on to the food!!! 

Given that it was a very very hot day, Lynette ordered a Au Chocolat Frozen Hot Chocolate ($12) for me! It was such a huge cup, or rather a bowl, of thick ice blended chocolate! Definitely enough for 2 to share because I didn't manage to finish it at all! Haha the whip cream was melting consistently >.<

Then, we have the appetiser, which I personally find it to be so yummy! It can actually be the best in Singapore! And the it their Truffle Fries ($15)! You got to try it when you're there! I am going back there soon with my friend just for this! 

Then I chose this particular dish from their upcoming Esther Menu! 
This dish is Cordon Bleu Skillet Pancakes ($26). It is a festive assembly of crispy chicken tenders, pork shoulder ham, Swiss cheese on sliced tomatoes, sautéed baby spinach with two poached eggs on fluffy pancakes! Omg, this dish may look simple and small in serving, but it is so filling. 

I love the Chicken tenders because they actually taste like Twisties! 
Lynette and I were both trying to figure out what it tasted like because it was such a familiar taste! 

Of course, the dish Duck Confit ($28) caught my attention as I was flipping through the menu. 
I would say that it was quite average, because Duck Confit is suppose to be a dish where it melts right in your mouth, both the skin and the meat itself. However, this tasted a bit like fried duck, there the skin was a bit hard and the meat was a bit dry.

Apart from that, if they can maintain their consistency in preparing this dish, it will be a perfect item to order. And do you know what is so special about this dish? The sauce that was used contains chocolate too! They basically try to infuse chocolate in everything, yet not overpowering in taste. 

The next time caught me by BIG surprise! 
They do serve Foie Gras as well, and ONLY AT $5 EACH (only from Monday to Wednesday), as long as you order an Entree or pasta! You can order as many as you want OMG!

I kind of like their version because it's not too oily (although that's kinda like the point of eating it) and the texture was like tofu! Smooth and rich. Yum yum! Do grab these if you're there from Mon - Wed!

As I always say, how can we end a meal without desserts!!!
I ended up trying their Au Chocolat Tower Cake ($18)! Let me tell you this, both Lynette and I were already dead full and this cake has to be served because it's their signature and Lynette doesn't want me to miss it! So we ended up trying it and it tasted so heavenly! And it was so huge in portion (in fact, most of their food are served in huge portion)! Do remember to share and not order one each HAHA!

Lastly, do check out their Esther Menu below:

My overall score for Au Chocolat will be 8/10.

I really love their food because they are so scrumptious and filling! However, their price range might not cater to the mass, especially the student group, as it is considered to be slightly pricier. That being said, I can assure you that you will NOT be disappointed with the dishes, as they do have quality control. Grab a few friends together and head down to Au Chocolat in MBS, and order a few dishes to share! Worth the money if you do so! 

Oh yes! Not to forget…

Au Chocolat is hosting a event together with SPCA next Saturday at City Square Mall, from 11am - 7pm! Do head down to show your support as animals will be up for adoption as well! And you can take photo with the Au Chocolat's mascot! 

Follow them on InstaGram: auchocolatsg
Let's help them to hit 2000 followers, shall we?! Come on lets do it! 

Hope to see you guys post some photos of the food you are having at Au Chocolat and tag their Instagram account! Have a good weekend people! 

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