Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Relax Your Feet: Feet Haven

Have been looking around for some nice massage for my feet and back. They have been aching a lot recently and been bothering me, but I am too lazy to travel to JB for any. As such, I was very happy that Dennis, my dear boss from TIN (The Influencer Network) invited me to his own reflexology shop for some massage! OMG, definitely good timing to do so! 

I headed to the branch at Katong! He has another branch at Serangoon as well!
I will link down the address and all details at the end of this blog post :]

Upon stepping into the centre, it gives you the view of the whole shop.
And I felt that the ambience was quite homely and not too commercialised which I felt that it was good. 

As I went during a non-peak hour, I was the only customer, thus I felt like a Prince booking down the whole centre (HAHA SO SHAMELESS!!!). I was being settled down by a very friendly masseur! The package that I am going to try out for the day is 30 mins foot massage and 30 mins back massage! 

Of course, in all reflexology centre, we have to wash our feet for hygiene purposes if you do not know.
Maybe I was too excited but just soaking my feet made me feel so relaxed haha!

Look at that tired foot of mine.
Awwww, don't worry baby, you're gonna get some nice massage soon!

I didn't tell the uncle where i felt uncomfortable (because foot massage usually comprises massaging of the base of our feet as well as the calves area) but he was so good that he spot on those areas where I was aching like mad! Especially my calves area because my vigorous training involves running too. 

I like this uncle because he was so friendly and will ask from time to time "Is this ok?" or "Pain?"
It is very good because the masseur ensures that the customer enjoys every moment inside. I mean customers pay to go to reflexology centre to ease the tension all over their body and thus, feeling comfortable is the most important factor. 

I had a 30 mins back massage as well. 

So so so in love with it! I have lots of "knots" at my shoulder and neck areas, and I wouldn't say that they were instantly gone after the session because that's too unrealistic. However, I can feel that at least the tension has been eased a little. Literally just felt like a burden off my shoulders. 

This is just a simple price list of the basic services which Feet Haven provides!
They do have other shiok (pleasurable) combinations as well! 
You can visit their website for more information: www.FeetHaven.com 

They do have saver packages as well!
For example, you just have to pay $399 and you get to enjoy services up to $470 in value!
You're basically paying lesser yet enjoying more! That is so great! Power Savers I would call them! 

What's more? You can mix and match ANY treatments that you want.
It's valid for a year (which i believe you will finish the package very fast because it's so good that you keep going back for more!) and you can share it with you friends or loved ones

One word to describe my experience over at FeetHaven:

Meaning: Enjoyable

Reward your body with relaxation at the following outlets:

Katong Outlet
  • 136 East Coast Road #01-01; Singapore 428821

Serangoon Gardens Outlet


Oh ya!

Have you all heard of the contest that FeetHaven is having recently?
IT IS THE "My Weary Feet Instagram Contest"!

You stand a chance to win a $399 package from FeetHaven!
All you have to do is to follow the few simple steps:

Step 1: Follow us on Instagram @FeetHaven. 

Step 2: Post a picture of your Feet on Instagram.

Step 3: Hashtag #FeeTHaven #MyWearyFeet 

Step 4: Get your friends to like your picture.

The picture with the highest likes will win a $399 voucher

Contest ends 30 April 2014

Don't wait any longer! All you have to do is to post a photo and get as many likes as possible!
It's THAT simple! No harm joining and trying, go for it people! Insta yourself to relaxation at FeetHaven! 

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