Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sports In Our Lives!

What is your favourite sports activity?

For me, it is Dragonboating. 

I am sure that many of use are very familiar with this particular sports, apart from the rest such as canoeing or kayaking. Dragonboating has been a very popular water sport in recent years, and the number of people engaging in it just keeps growing over the years!

The misconception of people engaging in dragonboating is that we want to look muscular and hot.
Let me tell you, that is so NOT the case. Just look at me! I am not muscular but I am still part of the sport. I joined dragonboating because I want to keep my body fit and healthy because the trainings are fixed for every week, which means that I am needed to keep myself in check and disciplined to appear for the trainings. 

For those who have been following me on Twitter or my blog, you all would have know that I have back injury due to the vigorous trainings I have experienced while serving National Service. Since then, I have not been exercising (you can totally imagine how unhealthy that is!), until towards the end of last year, I decided to join dragonboating.

We all go through trainings, 4 times a week. 
To me, I don't find it a torture! It is a sport, that makes me healthier and stronger. We all know how sports actually strengthens our body's immune system over time, and of course, getting rid of all the excess fats that is accumulated in our body due to the unhealthy eating lifestyle that we have!

Nobody said that we cannot indulge in our favourite food or delicacies. However, we must also engage in sports so as to maintain a balance within our body and not wait till the last minute when the burden is too heavy for the body. By then, it would have been too late. 

Dragonboating is a team event. 

In fact, if you were to ask me, I will say that ALL sports can be a team event. You don't have to be a lonely boy/girl doing sports alone (you can if you prefer to do so)! The main purpose of sports is to strengthen our body, but sports do more than that! It actually brings people together, forging bonds and friendships! 

Over the past 6 months, I've made many fabulous friends and we are all so close to one another now as though we are a family! This is what I am talking about, sports need not be boring and mundane as you all think! 

What are you guys waiting for then?
Start engaging in sports and maintain a healthy lifestyle and live life to the fullest! 
It need not be a very vigorous sport but we all got to start somewhere!


It is not only me, but Community Clubs have also been putting in effort to engage Singaporeans in participating in more sports events! 2 examples will be Community Games (CG) 2014 and Community Sports Festival (CSF) 2014

There are 7 sports being featured under CG and they are:
Table Tennis

Now everyone has a choice!
You can choose the sport that interests you the most and participate in it! 
The objective of CG is to use community sports as a Channel to bridge and bond residents of difference Ages, Races and Estates (C.A.R.E. value).  This means that each time will consists of members from different age groups, race and living in different estates as well!

This actually helps to foster bonds amongst the people and residents get to know each other better and they learn how to work with one another as a group in the various games. This is the other objective being achieved from sport activities! 

On the other hand, CSF also has the same objective and that is to foster interaction and community bonding. One of the main highlights of this year's CSF, is the Community Sports Challenge, where people participate in a modified game adapted from the actual sport itself. This actually creates awareness and wider outreach to those who have not been exposed to the activity itself before. This can actually spark interest in them! 

3 examples of such activities are: Mini Pong, Archery Tag and Football

Alright, I shall not bore you guys with more texts!
For more information of all the activities that are exciting and upcoming, do kindly refer to the following few links and you can get more information from there:

 Instagram: CommunitySportsClub

Live a healthy lifestyle and own a healthy body!
The choice is in our own hands, make the right choice people! 

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