Saturday, April 12, 2014

Swee Heng's New Store In West Mall!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! 
Some of us may not want to have heavy solid food early in the morning, so most of us will have bread with jam and butter for breakfast! That's like the most common breakfast that al of us have in the world! 

Since we are having bread, and breakfast being the most important meal of the day, we should really serve our palette with the best, to start off the day great and kicking! Have you all ever heard of Swee Heng? Maybe our generation might not have heard of it before but, it should definitely ring a bell with the older generation such as our parents! 

Swee Heng started off as a very small family business, until it starts to pick up and it starts to expand! They now boasts of over 20 outlets spread over the island and a 15000sqft factory located at 24 Senoko Crescent that operates round the clock. Of course, although their business has expanded, they do not compromise on their quality! 

Swee Heng is popular amongst the neighbourhood areas however, this coming weekend, they are gonna open their first official store at West Mall!!! This is definitely a big progress and we should all join the and share the joy :] 

Here is what they have in store for you! 

This coming sunday, 13 April 2014, from 4 - 7PM at West Mall (No. 1 Bukit Batok Central Link, West Mall, #01-03, 658713 ), another fellow Blogger from TIN, will be down at West Mall giving out 500 freshly baked buns for FREE! Yes, you just saw your favourite word, FREE! 

Of course, not to forget, To widen their reach, Swee Heng attained the Halal certification in 2001.
To our dear fellow Muslims readers and followers, you are welcomed as well!

Do come down and catch us in action! Well, I don't brand myself as celebrity but do feel free to come down and support us, as well as Swee Heng! Don't miss out on those awesome buns! 

Lastly, do check out Swee Heng's FB and InstaGram , and of course, follow them, for their updates!

InstaGram: @SweeHeng1989Classic

See you guys on that day! Feel free to approach us too!:) 

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