Tuesday, May 27, 2014

My Trip To Europe: Rome

I finally have the time (or rather this is an excuse to cover up the fact that I am just plain lazy) to sit down and blog about my Europe trip, which took place like 2 months ago. Oops. 

I have to really thanks my parents for bringing me to this 15 days Europe trip, mainly for the purpose to fulfil my childhood dream of witnessing the Eiffel Tower in front of my very own eyes. Needless t say, this trip actually costs us a bomb. Good enough to send me to a year worth of Uni. So I just wanna say, thank you very much Daddy and Mummy, I love you two! 

And what made this trip very special was that, I spent my 21st Birthday In Europe itself! Hehe. 
Lucky bastard me. Anyway, as there are just too many photos that I've snapped during this trip (with a DSLR because we wouldn't want any lousy photos on such an expensive trip!), I'll be posting only a few for each day :) 

We took a flight from Singapore to Dubai, before transiting to Rome! 
Not gonna lie, but this is like a dream to me. Everything felt so surreal. 

Upon arriving at Dubai's Airport, Emirates' flight passengers were entitled to FREE breakfast at most of their bistros at the airport itself. So, why not? Since we were hungry anyway. Dubai seems like a nice place but it doesn't interest me. Just a short side track, usually Europe trip package will include free days in Dubai, however my mum was lucky enough to find a tour package which includes free London instead of Dubai. Phew! London eh! Over Dubai any time man haha.

Took our flight to rome and upon arrival, we started our sightseeing at the Vatican State and visited St. Pete's Basilica. WOW, it blew me away! I am not a Christian but then, all the architectures around me just left me in awe! You have to understand that in the past, people don't have much machineries like we do in modern days. So, it's a feat how their masterpieces are still standing today! 

St. Pete's Basilica is actually recognised as one of the world's largest church in the world and also regarded as one of the world's holiest Catholic site. This actually contributes to the major influx of tourists visiting it everyday! And trust me, I can sit there whole there just staring at the church. 

The exterior was so huge that it actually can fill up to millions of people I guess. It's so so big! 
We were brought into the church afterwards, which wow-ed me even further!  
Not only was it a magnificent sight, all the statues inside were just so well preserved and maintained! 

I love how the sun rays actually shone in through by the side and onto the alter

Departing from St. Peter's Basilica, we were headed for the famous Colosseum, which once used to seat 50, 000 spectators. It was built in 72AD (which was so so long ago!) and I am sure that many of us have seen it before, especially in cartoons. For example, in Hercules haha. 

Throughout this trip, I've been shooting photos, random photos, of my mum and catching her unaware. 
It is so cute and natural, because it is without posing. Au Natural. Haha. 

We did not enter the Colosseum to snap photos because were given so little time! Like 10 mins?
That's why on the first day, most of us were quite pissed with the tour leader because his time management is just so so bad and there were too little time to snap good photos! 

Luckily, the photos turned out quite decent. I'm not gonna spend so much going to Europe and back empty handed with zero nice photos! NO way!  

For the night, we made a stop at the Fountain of Trevi.
Didn't manage to snap a photo of the fountain because it was just way too crowded to squeeze in and the sky was turning dark, so can't really capture any nice photos of it anyway. 

During this trip, despite snapping quite a few good and decent photos, I've learnt to immerse myself at the moment at times. Instead of the usual me, snapping every single moment. Sometimes, the brain is a better camera and memory storage than what is captured on lens. 

And that concludes my first day in Europe! 

Fret not, the second day will be out soon because I'll be focusing only on the few good shots :)

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