Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Domino's Event!

Last week I attended my first blogging event after 2 long years of hiatus!
And this event is none other than Domino's Event! I would like to thank Dennis, Founder of The Influencer Network, William and Chee Sheng for inviting me to this event! 

Not forgetting that the event was actually held at a very nice location near town!
So what is this event about? Domino's actually want to make use of the chance to promote their new promotions as well as merchandise that could be purchased with purchase in conjunction with World Cup! 

So when I arrived at the event, I was told to pose together with their new merchandise which are known as BolaBears! Also, William told me that I could actually upload a selfie of myself with any BolarBears and the top 3 photos with most number of likes on InstaGram will get to win attractive prizes! And the first prize is none other than a GoPro camera! Of course MUST join! 

This is a group photo taken with all the bloggers that were present on that day! 

As I mentioned just now about the InstaGram contest, these are the 3 attractive prizes to be won! 
Finally its time for them to announce the winners after 2 long gruelling hours of waiting haha! 

And the first prize goes to…...

ME!!!! OMG I totally cannot believe it at all! I finally get to own a GoPro! Thanks Domino's! 

Not forgetting that there were tons of food for us.
In fact there were so much food to the extent that it was more than enough for the whole room of us! 
Yummy pizzas, onion rings and this mini popcorn chicken that they have!  Om nom nom! 

Glad to meet Jun Ming and Ben at the event too! 2 handsome boys eh haha :p 

William taking a shot of me with my GoPro! 

Couldn't contain the excitement and kid within us when we see balloons! 

Thanks to the manager from Domino's for hosting us for the night and providing us with lots of goodies!

Last but not least! 

Domino's is having this InstaGram contest right now just for all of you! 
You just have to follow the simple steps from this link: Bear-A-Selfie Contest

The contest has been extended to 2th July 2014! Do join in now and good luck!
Do collect all 3 BolaBears too as they are just mad adorable! Hehe!

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