Friday, June 27, 2014

Hydrated & Oil-Free Skin with Kiehl's

Hello everyone! Before starting this post, I would like to thanks Kiehl's for sponsoring me with their new range of products which was recently released earlier on this month! 

As seen in the picture above, I was sponsored 3 items, which usually comes in a set (Cleaner, toner and moisturiser), each sold separately. The series which I was sponsored is the Oil-Free and Hydration series which is perfect for my skin type! Also, this is actually the improved version from the pervious ones, which is what I am currently using for my daily face routine! 

So let me introduce you to this improved series and make a comparison for you all! 

Before applying any other products onto our faces, we should always rinse and cleanse our face so as to get rid of any impurities or excess oil! So, we will always start by using cleanser. And for today, I will be using the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser

The 2 key ingredients are:

Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract 
Provides long lasting hydration effect due to the high concentration of potassium in its roots

Lemon Fruit Extract
Has antiseptic qualities that freshen, stimulate, and rejuvenate sluggish skin!
On top of that, lemon is being used as it is the fruit that has the highest percentage of Vitamin C! 

Personally, I love how my skin feels after rinsing my face with this cleanser, especially so after a long day out in this humid weather of Singapore's. It feels like it really strips off the impurities on our face. Plus, it is actually good for people with sensitive skin type too. This means that anyone can use it! 

Kiehl's is selling this at $43 for 5.0 fl. Oz / 150ml

After cleansing our face, we will have to apply toner so that the skin can absorb some products.
And I'll be using the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner

The non-drying and alcohol-free formula will gently remove any remaining residue, dirt and oil without stripping the skin of its vital moisture. This again, is safe for all skin types, even sensitive skin as it is PH-balanced and fragrance-free as well. 

I will normally just use up to 3-4 drops of it and dap it around my face so as to allow the skin to absorb some products after getting "bare" due to cleansing it. Surprisingly, the skin does absorb the toner very well. Because previously, when I was using other brand's toner, it seems to be a bit overwhelming as it seems as though the skin did not absorb single drop of the toner. My face actually seem as though I just washed my face again- totally wet. 

I will introduce this to the guys because it is not a hassle to use them as they are rather "user-friendly" because we all know how guys tend to get very lazy when it comes to skin routine. 

You can purchase this at $43 for 5.0 fl. Oz / 150ml

This final product is known as the Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream Fresh Hydration

As compared to the original formula, which only provides me with 8 hours of facial hydration, this newly improved formula actually provides me up to 24 hours of facial hydration! That means it can last me the entire day! 

The 3 main ingredients that give off this effect are:

Imperata Cylindrica Root Extract 
Provides long lasting hydration effect due to the high concentration of potassium in its roots

Provides superb protection against dryness and providing the skin with noticeably smoother appearance

Attracts and pulls moisture from the air to replenish and hydrate our skin

This product is actually fragrance-free, as such it will take the consumer some time to get use to the natural scent of the product while applying it onto their faces. It actually took me quite a while as I was rather taken aback when I first smelt it. But, this is good as fragrance-free products implies that we are not applying other substances which will be harmful to our skin.

Also, in terms of moisturising my skin, I feel that this product does a very good job. I just have to apply a small amount of it and I can spread it around my face. Not only that, my face, especially the nose and cheeks area, are not as dry and does not have skin flakes forming around! 

Retail price:
$48 for 50ml, $82 for 125ml.
For jumbo sizes, they will be available this month, in limited quantities! 

Do check out any of the Kiehl's store now today and grab these awesome products! 
Approach any of the friendly consultants and you will be given free skin consultation too, and you'll be advised on which range of products is more suitable for your skin type! 

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