Friday, June 6, 2014

My Trip To Europe: Pisa & Florence

As promised, this will be a post on my second day in Europe! 
We travelled from Rome to Pisa, and of course purpose is to take a look at the famous architect:
The Leaning Tower of Pisa at the Square of Miracles! 

This architect is actually a coincidental masterpiece. It wasn't really meant to be slanted! 
So, it's rather amazing how such a piece of art is still standing today despite it leaning to one side.

I am sorry to disappoint you but I didn't take any typical tourist shot of trying to support the leaning tower haha! But I did take out my Sonny Angel and captured a photo of them together :p 

This is the mini Pasar Malam out the Square of Miracles! 

We were very very hungry!  But all we manage to get was MacDonald's! 
This is because the time given to us was just so so limited that we have to compromise either our eating time or photo taking timing. Obviously I wouldn't give up the chance to snap nice photos of the place!

Although it was just Macs, but it actually costs us like $15 for just one set of Fillet-O-Fish!!! *faints*

Next, we travelled to the staggering riches Florence - a great city where Renaissance Art and Culture flourished! I am so sorry that I have bad memories! But Europe actually had different periods that existed and we can actually tell which period was each building built based on the exterior. 

It was just information overload but I was so engrossed in listening when the local tour guide explained to us. And once again, I was just blown away by the building everywhere we travelled. The details, colour, and the structure as well. Everything was just priceless. 

Another spectacular church that we visited

I actually love this shot that I took of a local! What do you think of it?

Of course, other than all the spectacular architects, we cannot miss out the art of sculptures that was standing all around the square. The craftsmanship was so great given the era that they were made!

My 3 little babies which I brought along for this trip :)

While gathering at the square, this guy caught my attention as he was painting an art piece of the fountain right in front of him. Everything was from scratch and I love how he combined the colours to get the desired effects! 

Haha I wonder what my Little Sonny Angel is staring at? *raise eyebrows* 

Till then, this concludes my Day 2 in Europe! 

Next few days I will be posting about my new sponsor! Stay tune for more especially the guys or the ladies who wants to get something for your father this coming Father's Day! 

Love you all! 

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