Wednesday, July 23, 2014

An Awesome Start In Perth!

I am gonna blog about my Perth, and as you can see, I kinda gave up blogging about my Europe trip haha. I never seem to be able to finish blogging about my overseas trip, so I am gonna make sure that I blog all about my trip to Perth this time round! 

Took off from Singapore last Monday afternoon, and arrived at Perth around 7?
The sky was already dark, so we took the car we rented, headed straight for our apartment and just grabbed dinner. So nothing much for the night. Slept in early and was ready for the next day! 

The apartment that we stayed in was at a small town (?) call Fremantle, and its called Quest Harbour Village. I love this apartment because it's just beside a harbour where all the huge yachts were parked at. Not to forget the breathtaking view we woke up to! 

That's the neatest that I can make of the bed after waking up haha

The view from our balcony! It's so beautiful because the colour of the sea is just so pretty to look at! 

This is the car we rented in Perth. It's a Hyundai but I've forgotten about the model.
It's a pretty decent car! It's quite powerful and the petrol consumption is quite low.
Would love to own this car actually. Hmmmmm…..So this is the car that stood by us for 6 days :)

Went to explore the harbour a bit before heading to the nearby cafes for breakfast! 

This is totally a candid shot of me haha

The parking tickets that we have to purchase whenever we parked. 
It's quite cute how they operate because different lots along the same street, may cost you different prices! Some lots you can park up to 2 hours, some 1 hour an some only half an hour! 

With regards to this, I prefer Singapore's coupon system. Much more convenient! 

And this is our breakfast! One thing about their breakfast is that, they cost the same as those we eat in Singapore's cafes, but the portion that was served in Perth was much more as you can see! Definitely worth the price and no complains at all man! It was nice having such great breakfast, just sitting by the road side as the cold wind blows occasionally on our faces. Life is good~ 

Headed to Cottesloe Beach and the sea view was magnificent! 
I am sure you all have seen the photo that I've posted on my InsaGram! 
If not, just take a look at the photos below! And you decide for yourself :)

We got hungry real quickly and so we went to a restaurant that was recommended by our friend and it has a cute name called "Blue Duck"! Haha so cute right?

These are 2 blue rubber duckies which we purchased from the restaurant haha. Couldn't resist it! 

When we walked into the restaurant, we were the only Asians around! And Rob has to ask the waitress if we could have the seats at the balcony. She gave us the weird stare initially because it was quite breezy and cold outside. But tadah, we ended up being the only 2 sitting at the balcony. Getting judged even more haha.

But it was definitely worth it because we get to enjoy the view much better too.

We ordered this chicken breast meat dish to share and it was so so so so good!
I wanna have them again! It was just so yummy. Gosh, totally felt like I'm the happiest man on Earth! 

Nothing much to do, and we drove to Sorrento Quay to walk around. d

Seagulls are like crows in Singapore- everywhere! 

Didn't snap any photos at night because it was too dark and their nights start early too, meaning the sun sets way earlier haha. So all the great views are captured in morning - afternoon period. 

Perth is definitely a slow city and relaxing I would say.
Not hectic like Singapore! Even the drivers there are patient and they don't honk like Singapore's drivers. But it gets boring at night because there is literally nothing to shop at night and shops closes at 5. Can you imagine that? Haha. So, it is a retirement city to retreat to in future.

That being said, all my photos are taken with my newly bought EPL-3! 
And with my new 45mm/f1.8 lens too! Totally worth the purchase!

Stay tune to more updates of my trip!
I WILL complete blogging it this time round!

Nights guys! 

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