Thursday, July 31, 2014


My third day in Perth has got to be the day which I look most forward to!
Because today, other than the dreadful 35km drive to Pemberton from Fremantle, we decided to pop by a mini park known as Cohunu Koala Park, where I get the chance to carry a koala in my arms and also interact with the kangaroos which are hopping around a cage!

Feeling totally excited about carrying a koala in my arms!
I mean, we don't get to see them even in the Singapore Zoo, needless to say carrying it in my arms!

Here we go! 

Greeted at the entrance by many peacocks showing off their majestic feathers

When I went to the enclosure for the koalas, this nanny of the koalas, told me I am lucky as she is carrying a mummy koala with a baby koala on her! But I am not allowed to touch it. It's so cute right?! Look at it clinging and hugging tightly onto its mummy! Awwwww

And then now, it's my turn to carry a koala! 

In this photo, the koala is giving the "-____- WHAT YOU WANT" face HAHAHA!

Feeding the ponies with some fresh veggies which were available there for us! 

Look at this photo of the kangaroo, it looks quite intimidating eh? Haha.

This is the behind-the-scene footage of how R tried to take a selfie with the kangaroo. LOL! 

I decided to approach the smaller ones to pat, because even if it decided to kick me, it won't hurt as bad

My version of a selfie with the kangaroo! 

A candid shot of a girl in the kangaroo cage with my new lens! She's so pretty! 

The park wasn't very big, but it definitely made me a happy boy that day. 
I was smiling even when I got on the car and kept on rambling on and on about how cute the koala were. I guess I must had irritated R :p 

Well, the drive is very very long, i mean its 35km, and just imagine driving on the road for hours!
We were also fighting against time because we do want to reach the apartment in Pemberton before the sun sets, which is around 6 as mentioned previously. Thus, we don't really have much time on hand.

Along the road, we came across this gas sation which is also a cafe and decided to settle our lunch here.
The theme of the cafe is witches, which was quite cool because it felt like Halloween came early haha.

And finally we reached our apartment in Pemberton! Phew, the ride was definitely long man! 
The apartment lies amongst the woods and forest and its called Forest Lodge. I must admit that it does has a great environment and view as well. But then, when the sky turned dark, I felt like I was a character in Silent Hill while we drove to the nearby town for dinner. 

The road was pitched dark and the only light source was the one coming from our car's headlights.
And surrounding us were just trees and more trees and we could't see anything at all. 
Totally creeped me out, and R kept saying that I am very timid.

Ending this post of the lake which was just right beside the apartment! 
More posts of my Perth trip coming up!

Just a side note, my school is starting already next week! 
Tons of mixed feelings, gonna meet my course mates this Friday already.
Hope I can make friends and be on good terms with them! Jia you! 

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