Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Leave Your Future To The Hands Of M2 Academy!

Been looking around for a good academy to study in?
Want to pursue a good degree, yet you have no clue who to approach?

These worries are no longer issue to you because we have M2 Academy! 
M2 Academy is a new academy who has its sights on Singapore's tertiary education industry, and they've entered the market at a very good location!

Want to guess where it is?!
It is actually smacked right in the centre of town, OrchardGateway @ Emerald, opposite Somerset 313! 
It is not only convenient, but I am sure it does attract a lot of students to study here due to its prime location! 

Just a short introduction, M2 Academy is in collaboration with the University of South Australia (UniSA), which is recognised globally as one of Australia's rising stars. This implies that the degree that you are pursuing are definitely of great credibility as well! 

M2 Academy offers a wide variety of programmes, raining from Business to Commerce and to Engineering! More details could be found HERE 

Now let's take a look at the campus itself! Let's go! 

Upon entering the academy, what actually caught my eyes were the large numbers of iPad in the middle of the room! It seems as though I've just walked into an Apple Store! I've learnt from the host later on that, at M2 Academy, they implement the flipped classroom approach. This means that they are actually bringing learning to a whole new level, by making everything digital.

This means that lectures are now being done online as students watch videos to learn new contents. Then, they will proceed to the academy and do their assignments in class, where teachers are present to offer more personalised guidance and interaction, instead of pure lecturing! 

This is definitely great in my opinion as I feel that it is good for students, especially local students to deviate and move away from the mainstream study system so as to expose themselves to more critical thinking skills and adaptability. 

This is the friendly host who brought us around the 4 level academy! 

The classrooms have seats and table arranged over a spacious area so as to allow more space for the students to feel comfortable and conducive to study in.

Looking right out of the window from the lecture hall, we can see Somerset 313 and Orchard Gateway right opposite us! The view is so nice at night! 

At different levels, there are actually comfortable seats for the students to lay back on to have their own self-study session or discussion with their course mates. Of course, they can hang around as well with their friends! 

Personally what I really like about this academy is that the classrooms are not too big and a room will take up at most 36 students. This actually creates a learning environment where the tutors are able to focus more on the students due to the small number, providing a much more conducive learning environment and experience for the students as well. 

Not to mention that, it is located right in town!
Not only it is convenient, it is definitely great to have your school in town itself, as being youngsters and teenagers, we do spend a lot of time in town.

Do go to their FaceBook page, "Like" it and keep yourself updated wight heir various exciting activities which they will plan from time to time! I heard that there is a flea market coming soon as well!  Do look out for the details on they Facebook page right HERE

Lastly, there is also a Spotify contest! Details are as follow:

For those students who are currently looking for an academy to obtain your degree, why not check out M2 Academy? I am sure that they are more than willing to explain their course choices to you as well! 

Do remember to check them out and see you all around! 

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