Friday, November 14, 2014

Backstage Cafe


I've not been blogging for like 2 whole months and that is totally because of the workload I have for school. Now, it is finally the holidays! So, I am sure that I will be more active blogging away.

This is a way overuse post that I owe to Backstage Cafe and I feel so so so bad!
So sorry about it! 2 months back, I was invited to Backstage Cafe for a food tasting session and because it is my first time visiting tho cafe, though my friend used to work there, I've never been there before. So, I guess it was a good opportunity for me to check this place out too! 

Soup was being served with garlic bread, and I love the garlic bread so so much!
The mushroom soup was creamy too and I am a big fan of mushroom but very picky about it as well.
So I gues Backstage Cafe's mushroom soup did satisfy my appetite! 

Being a coffee addict, I've ordered the Iced Mocha as well.
Most of the time, I am quite skeptical about ordering Iced Mocha, because they turn out to be bleah…
To me, Mocha should be very chocolaty in terms of taste and with that coffee essence within it.

However, most of the time when my mocha is served, they taste just like chocolate milk and nothing more. That is quite a turn ff because the chocolate taste is not there fully and of course, where is the coffee?! Haha.

But, I got to say that Backstage Cafe's Iced Mocha was pretty good. 
I mean, just look at the picture, it looks good right? Haha. 

And here comes the main dish!
I am so sorry that I've forgotten the name of the dish above, but it's some chicken dish haha.
It tasted so so good and according to the host, it is one of their top favourites among customer and it was only back due to popular demand! 

I've ordered the Duck Confit as my main dish.
Honestly speaking, I was quite disappointed with this dish not because it taste bad. it was yummy with all the sauce and the crispy skin of it.

What it actually lacked, and I did tell the host as well, was the "meat melting in mouth" experience.
When customers order Duck Confit, what they are looking for is not only the great taste but also the feeling when you place the meat in your mouth and the meat will melt within.

For Backstage's Duck Confit, the meat was rather stiff and tough to chew on.
So, they actually taste just like those duck meat that we can get at normal duck stalls. 

Ya….I was kinda disappointed but I do hope they improved on this! 

Lastly, I was served dessert and according to them, their waffle is their signature dish.
Of course, I couldn't miss it right? Haha.

My verdict?
It's not the best in town but it''s worth the trip down to eat it!
I will say that it is because of the ice cream. i was served the vanilla one as well as the chocolate one which taste like Ferrero Rocher! The chocolate taste was so so rich and nice! 

And it goes so well with the waffle! LOVING IT! 

Do visit Backstage Cafe if you are free because I do love the ambience of the place as it was rather peaceful and quiet! But, it could be quit inaccessible to some if they do not drive (but it's okay! nowadays everyone travel everywhere in anyway just to get to cafes right? HAHA).

#01-06, Performance Building, 158 Kallang Way, Kallang, Singapore

Till my next post and I promise to blog more since it's the holiday! Haha. 
Love you guys :) 

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