Friday, December 26, 2014

Bangkok Trip 2014!

Time really flies.
2 weeks ago, I just went to Bangkok with my family and this coming week, we will all be counting down to the new year already! And, I actually kind of dread it because that would mean that school is starting again for me… Gosh…

However, I will be spending my New Year's Eve in Taiwan! Guess, that's a consolation. 

On my recent trip to Bangkok, I didn't actually take a lot of photos.
Not because I was too lazy to do so. In fact, there are a lot of nice sceneries and happenings around me that is worth snapping. But, I do realise that as I grow older, I will rather prefer to immerse myself in the moment itself. Living in the moment is exactly what I meant. 

So, in this post there might not be anything interesting or intriguing but these are photos which I took here and there during my trip to Bangkok. Hope you guys love it! 

I finally get to visit Greyhound Cafe, which was raved by lots of people back in May during Songkran, but I wasn't able to go back then. However, I went to Another Hound by Greyhound, which was located in Siam Paragon itself.

My parents and I totally love the Tom Yum Soup!
It was so so good! It's spicy and sour, yet not too overwhelming which I love a lot!!! 

This photo was taken in the cab and we were stuck on the road for a good 30 minutes and despite the fact that the cab has it's air condition on at full blast, I felt like I was in a hot microwave oven! 

As I stayed at Anorma Hotel, it was actually located at a prime location because the famous 4 Face Buddha was just a 10 mins walk away from the hotel and so is Platinum Mall, which was a total heaven for me! Shop a lot there haha! 

I find it very interesting that day in and day out, there are lots of people praying to the 4 Face Buddha and everyone was so devoted while praying. They are all doing these for the sake of getting the well wishes and blessings from the buddha itself. 

For me, I felt like I was capturing the genuine moment of every single human's life at the ground. 
It is during this period that people are very earnest in the thing they do because they are all immerse in conveying what they wish for to the buddha itself. It is indeed a sacred moment and I felt that all pictures captured are truly priceless and full of soul. 

As I have not been to Bangkok for a very long time, there are lots of new shopping malls that are popping up and Terminal 21 is one of them! Glad that I am finally able to patronise it! 

The next day, we went to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market!
I was quite disappointed because apparently there isn't much stuff to buy there anymore.
However, the existence of yummy food never cease to exist!

The "not-to-be-missed" coconut ice cream!
Definitely a good dessert to have during the humid weather! And not forgetting Thai Iced Milk Tea! 

Yummy mango sticky rice which a lot of my friends asked me to bring back for them HAHA 

On my last day in Bangkok, Rob and I met up with his Thai Taitai friend, Lisa!
She just gave birth to a cute baby boy!!!!! She is so so friendly, and so are her sister and mummy!
Do come to Singapore soon and we will bring you all around, alright? Hehe. 

2014 is ending soon and there are a lot of thought and reflections going through in my mind. 
Shall touch on that in another post to conclude my 2014. For now, enjoy the festive season and last few days of 2014!

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