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A Day Out With My BFF at 313@somerset!

Ever wonder what type of shopper you are?
Let me tell you, I am totally on two extreme ends of the spectrum. I love being alone at times, walking around town for some window-shopping. Sometimes, I look forward to hanging out with my best friends! We can go crazy, poke fun at each other and catch up with one another in the most amazing ways.
Recently, my BFF and I caught up with one another at 313@somerset and I totally enjoyed myself. Let me show you how my BFF and I spent our time at the mall!
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Are you ready for the journey? I will be highlighting some of the things that you can do with YOUR BFF right here, in the centre of town, at 313@somerset!
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Of course, what do we normally do when we meet up with friends? WE EAT, A LOT.
I know a lot of us love to visit cafes but it is really quite stressful to our pockets. That is why I love going to Monster Curry with my BFF, Angie. The portions are HUGE and you can really eat a lot with a total bill for less than $30! KACHING, totally #BudgetBarbie.
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In case you are scratching your head and wonder where on Earth is Monster Curry in the mall, it is at Level 5, where Food Republic is. Look at our excited faces because it has been a long time since we met up, and we are glad that we finally get to spend a day together.
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Hunger was knocking on the doors of our tummy, since we had our first meal of the day only at 1pm. All the more we made the right decision to be at Monster Curry! We ordered the Monster Curry Combo ($21), which consists of Pork Katsu, Fried Fish, Shabu-Shabu, Tempura and Cheese. You can also choose from 5 levels of spiciness, and I chose Level 1 because Angie cannot take spicy food. Now, who is presenting me with the #MostThoughtfulBFFAward?
Anyway, it is such a mouth drooling moment as I am blogging about this now!
I also ordered a lovely cup of Iced Green Tea Latte and it was so yummilicious, gosh! I can assure you that your tummy will be filled with the orders above. Even with the two of us, and our growling tummies, we could not finish the whole plate.
You guys should try it if you have not! After such a hearty meal, we are ready for some shopping!
Photo 7-8-16 9 32 58 pm
Where do I even begin….
THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS TO LOOK AT AND STORES TO SHOP AROUND AT 313@somerset! Angie was going crazy running from store to store, it was so hilarious.
She dashed straight to CHARLES & KEITH (#02-46 - #02-49) after our meal. This girl sure can run after such a heavy meal! I am sure everyone is aware of CHARLES & KEITH and it was so crowded, given that it is a Wednesday afternoon. It is definitely a shoes and bags haven for all the ladies out there.
Of course, I must not lose out and have my fair share of shopping too right?! And so, I popped by Forever 21 (#03-16 - #03- 21), 3 whole levels of affordable and fashionable apparels for both men and women. For the guys, go straight to the third floor!
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Angie chose this geometric singlet for me, which looks good to be honest. However, it is a see-through singlet (a lot of tiny holes, guess you can air yourself after perspiring haha). I am not so comfortable with it I got to say, thus I gave it a pass.
I was happy when the both of us spotted this piece, and I happily tried it on…..
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Guys, there is great sale everywhere as well! Check them out and enjoy great discount off your purchase! How much are they? Head down to the store yourself yo! (Disclaimer: Be prepared to spend a lot)
I was a "victim" of the crime and guess who is a new proud owner of this mono-camo print outerwear? Haha.
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To reward my BFF who spent her time choosing the perfect piece for me, I brought her to Victoria’s Secret (Level 1). I may be a guy, but I secretly imagine myself to be a Victoria Secret Angel whenever I enter the store. So embarrassing!
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Victoria asked me to keep it a secret. But pst pst, go check out their store now because you never know what’s in store for you *wink*
Photo 7-8-16 9 13 46 pm
Next activity that you can do with your BFF at 313@somerset needs no introduction because I am sure most of us do this almost on a daily basis – SELFIE AND TAKING LOTS OF PHOTOS!!!
There are a lot of spots in the mall for you to snap some nice photos! Personally, I really love the brick wall right beside Typo (Level 1), opposite Epicentre. Ready for the spam? Here we go!
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It could just be one simple brick wall, but I am sure you guys and girls out there can werk werk werk werk werk~ WERK IT! As Tyra Banks always says“A top model must be versatile”.
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And selfie lovers are getting more professional nowadaystoo! So, we gotta step up our game! Alternatively, if you are looking for some natural lighting to brighten up your photos, just headout of the mall and snap away! It is so convenient!As with all selfie lovers, you can really make it happen at ANY location because we are hardcore as such.
After we finished taking photos, we realized that the sun was setting and our day is ending soon… However, we had some crazy ideas storming in our brains. We decided to have an impromptu stay over at my new place!
The only issues is that, it is not fully done up yet…thus, we require to get some necessities for her stay over. Lucky enough, we have MUJI (#B2 -38 to 41 & 47 to 49), my favorite Japanese store, whose items and furniture are so minimalist and sleek!
313 Stayover
MUJI has so many things, from food & drinks to stationeries, furniture’s, apparels and even cosmetics! I am so sure that this is the store that I would love to be in during an apocalypse.
313 Stayover 2
First things first, we have to settle Angie’s basic toiletries such as towels. Their towels are so soft and comfy when brushed against the face! Love it. I think that MUJI is a very great place to visit if you have a new house to decorate or even a dormitory! I have a lot of friends who stay in Uni’s dormitories, and I will always drag them to MUJI to buy some items.
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It is definitely a great place for you and your roommate to visit! Just imagine how both of you can decorate your room together, especially so if both of you are into simple and minimalist themed items. I am so excited for you guys now just thinking about it, because that was what I have been doing hehe. Photo 7-8-16 9 37 37 pmWe bought some Japanese snacks to munch on for the stay over. Also, in order to create the comfortable and relaxing ambience, we bought candles and some essential oils. You guys should really pay a visit to MUJI more often, as their products are really inexpensive, practical and delicious (for their food and beverages)!
313 Selfie 2
We really had so much fun at 313@somerset, and although the place seems relatively small, they do have lots of fun activities that you can do with your love ones. Pay a visit, snap a photo and show me how you spend your day at 313@somerset with your BFF! I would love to share the joy with you lovelies.
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To spice things up a bit, I even did a video with my BFF. Remember I asked, “What type of BFF you are?” at the beginning of the post? And so, I did a video on the different types of BFFs that exist!
Hope you guys love the videos, as it is my first time doing such ‘production’! Let me know what you think of the video and see if you can identify your BFFs’ pattern in it!

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