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Hydrate Your Skin With Chia Seed From THEFACESHOP

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Singapore’s weather has been rather erratic recently, and not only does it affects one’s mood drastically, it also affects my skin’s mood!
As far as it goes, our skin actually reacts differently under different weather conditions and in a tropical country such as Singapore, not to mention a very humid one, keeping our skin moisturised is very important. There is a misconception that girls are the only ones who are into skin care.
Nope, nope. Guys are totally obsess with it too (well, at least for me)!
The folks from THEFACESHOP Singapore were very kind to pass me 4 of their products from the Chia Seed series and I am so excited to share with you guys!
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I am sure a lot of us actually heard of Chia Seeds before, which is so popular in health diets and widely available in Australia. BUT, do we actually know what the benefits that it brings are?
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The list can go on and on, listing down all the benefits that Chia Seeds provide for the human body, but here is the great deal that I am going to let you guys in. Do you know that Chia Seed is also known to provide nutrition and moisture to the skin because this power seed can actually absorb up water up to 10 TIMES its weight!
This implies that my skin, your skin and OUR skin, can now be boosted and cushioned with a much higher hydration level. And this can be achievable now with the Chia Seed series from THEFACESHOP.
Let me have the great honour to bring you through the wonders of the products and my skincare regime with them!
I normally start by washing my face with a cleansing foam. First of all, I am truly amazed by the scent of the Chia Seed Cleansing Foam. I may not be an expert in skincare regime, but I am more than glad to share my own personal skincare tips.
Personally, I feel that it is very important to start or end your day, by washing your face. To me, it is a very simple logic and there is no rocket science involved. It is definitely essential for me to start my day by washing my face as it makes my skin feel refreshed and clean. That is definitely a great start to a wonderful day ahead.
It is also very important for us to wash our face at night. Just imagine the amount of dirt and dust particles that are accumulated on your face after a sweaty day out! Ewww, can you visualise your pores getting all clogged up?! Well, you sure do not want that to happen, because that is when pimples start to pop out one by one.
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I would recommend using the Chia Seed Cleansing Foam because it is very lightweight on the skin and know what? It is dermatologically tested as a formula without 7 additives that are harmful to the skin such as paraben, benzophenone, artificial anti-oxidant, alcohol, sulphate, acrylamide and triethanolamine. So, it is safe for use for all skin types!
Well, most of the guys would basically stop their ‘skincare regime’ after washing their face, assuming that it is sufficient. It is not entirely wrong to do so but why settle for good when you can have more and be better?
For me, I will usually proceed to applying toner onto my face. So, what is toner, some of you may ask. I am going to explain it into simpler terms for you guys to digest. The purpose of applying toner is such that after cleansing your face/exfoliating it, you skin is in a relatively ‘fragile’ state. Thus, it is important to hydrate it. Toner actually acts as a way to prep your skin, so that it’ll absorb following treatments to it better!
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I have been using Chia Seed No Shine Hydrating Water daily. It can be quite messy to apply toner at times, thus I will encourage you guys to soak a cotton pad with the product, then gently apply it to your face by dabbing it onto your face. I choose such application method because I feel that it is much more gentle to do so, prevents ‘damaging’ of our delicate skin and for better absorption of the product.
Some of you must be thinking; Are you done yet, Ben? This is getting a bit too tedious and time-consuming.
As the saying goes, good stuff is worth the wait. Trust me, I am going to be done soon! After applying toner, I would advise you guys to apply some facial serum onto your face. So, what exactly is serum? Facial serums are actually lightweight moisturisers that penetrate deeper into the skin, to deliver active ingredients of higher concentration into our skin.
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In my regime, I have included the Chia Seed Moisture Recharge Serum.
However, do note that serum is NOT a must in everyone’s skincare regime. It is really just an additional step for those that have the right skin type and are also willing to go the extra mile in their routines. Also, for those with chronic skin condition such as eczema or rosacea, I do not recommend you to include facial serums in your skincare routine. This is because serums may cause aggregation due to higher concentration of active ingredients.
Most importantly, DO NOT apply too much serum because in this case, it lives by the old golden rule – Less Is More.
I am finishing my daily facial routine soon! The last time, to me, is very important and really keeps me afresh – applying moisturiser.
Why do I say that this step is very important? Throughout my whole skincare regime, I have been mentioning moisturising our skin quite a few times. You do not want your effort to go to waste, thus locking in the moisture within the skin is definitely important!
For all ladies and gentlemen out there, here is a major reason why you cannot forego applying moisturiser: Apart from applying SPF, skin hydration is key to supple and younger-looking skin at all ages.
I have tried on Chia Seed Moisture Recharge Cream and I must say, it is indeed very impressive. With just an ample amount of the moisturiser (one spatula), I am able to apply it onto my whole face. Truth to be told, it was enough to cover my entire face.
Remember I said that chia seeds can absorb water up to 10 times its size? Now, imaging applying this moisturiser onto your face, which contains 100% chia seed extract! THAT is how moisturised your skin will be! With the light scent from the product, it is also pure enjoyment applying it and I totally feel refresh when I head out or before I go to bed.
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Now, head down to your nearest THEFACESHOP outlet and grab your hands on these Chia Seed facial products! I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.
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