Friday, September 23, 2016

PS Cafe: Birthday Treat for Kiyomi!

It is always a pleasure to be able to dine at PS. Cafe, although I gotta admit that their food are rather pricey. Let's make it an occasional indulgence then! Out of the many outlets that they have, I love the one at Palais Renaissance followed by the one at Dempsey Hill. 

I feel that food might play a big part in ensuring customers' returning visits, the ambience itself is crucial too. The atmosphere sets the whole 'feeling' to the dining experience, which at times might make the food taste yummier (a psychological effect that it). 

Recently I met up with Jody and Kiyomi (or Cherie) for a meal at PS. Cafe @ Palais Renaissance. It has been a long long time since we met up and they are the 2 friends whom I hardly meet due to our busy hectic schedules, yet we never run out of topics to catch up on every time we meet. It has been a good long 5 years since we know each other back in our blogging days. 

Jody and I decided to make this a birthday lunch for Kiyomi as well! 

When you visit PR. Cafe, you should NEVER leave the place without trying their truffle fries! It is $15 for a mega huge portion of fries, engulfed in truffle oil. Yumz! My must-orders will always be their Truffle Fries and Iced Mocha. 

We settled for these 3 main dishes: St. Louis Ribs, PS. Burger and Spicy King Prawn Aglio Olio! If your wallet's budget allows you, do order their Miso Cod! It is the best item on their menu as the cod is so yummy. There is no better word to describe the taste other than #FoodPorn and #MouthGasm!!! 

It is highly recommended paying a visit to the cafe in the afternoon where the sun shines right into the cafe, lighting up the whole place! It is definitely a great place to take photos (of food and ourselves of course). Totally a sucker for glass interiors and architectures, and of course, natural lightings. 

Of course, the birthday girl (Kiyomi) was not expecting this surprise at all. I have a feeling that she feels that we don't even know when is her birthday haha. No expectations, lesser disappointment yea? But in this case, obviously it was a major surprise for her and she even teared. 

It was such a nice and simple catchup and I do realise that as we grow older, not only our priorities change. Many small aspects in our lives, such as mindset, attitude and behaviour go through some sort of evolution. At the end of the day, I believer everyone of us are changing for the better, a better us compared to the day before. 

In life, happiness comes in many forms, and most of them don't really have a price tagged to them. Search deeper within your hearts and I am sure we can all find the happiness we want. Happiness that is always there, just that we've been too engrossed with many events happening in out lives. 

Treasure those around you people! Have a great weekend ahead! 

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