Thursday, September 1, 2016

Undying Love For Melbourne

I have visited Melbourne TWICE in 2016, over a span of 3 months. 

I really cannot deny the fact that I am totally in love with the city! Previously, I have a dream of moving to Perth for retirement, as it is a really wonderful place to be in. That dream lasted long enough, before Melbourne happened in my life. I love the whole coffee culture of the city, needless to say the nice and friendly people that are always greeting you on the streets, in stores, cafes or anywhere for a matter of fact. 

To me, it is the ideal city to reside in, a good mixture of town and city, Sydney and Perth. 

For the most recent trip in July, I stayed in a serviced apartment. It was such a lovely apartment and cosy enough to snuggle in for the cold weather! What can you expect when two guys bunk in together right (or rather, I am the messy one actually haha)! Luckily we had an extra room where we can dump all our loots and clothes in. Can you imagine the mess our room will be in if there was only ONE room?! 

We arrived at 5:30am on a Monday morning as we took a red-eye flight. Unfortunately, I have an essay due that very Friday, thus I managed to sleep in a bit, before I started working on it. Spent my first day in the apartment doing my essay, which was not that bad! Motivation to finish my essay was very high, surprisingly. Guess I have to start flying overseas whenever there is an essay due haha. 

In the evening, we head off to Smith Street for dinner! A lovely street with a lot of shops selling household items and bistros, one of our favourite streets from our previous trip. And coincidentally, it was the period where they have this Lights Festival going on, so almost overbuilding was lit up with different lighting effects and displays. 

Of course, after finishing my essay, I have to reward myself! So, I dressed myself up and head to the city the very next morning for some great shopping!

Lucky star must be shining on my side because it was their great sales period! Everything was much cheaper, take COS for example. In Singapore, it would have cost me a bomb to buy their apparels, even a tee. But in Melbourne, with the 70% discount, I can go on a shopping spree!!! Brands like H&M or ZARA are all having sale (actually all the shops are having sale). So I would say, going to Melbourne in July will be the best. 

Walked around the city a bit, practically just basking myself in the sun while the cold breeze blew against my face. Shopping can be a bit tiring, especially so when you have to carry your own loots. Bought some macarons, which tasted HEAVENLY, and went back to the apartment. 

I decided to be more cultured the very next day, by visiting the Melbourne Museum. If I insist, I can address myself as a design student as well, since I studied Interior Design before. I was captivated by the whole architecture layout and design of the Melbourne Museum. 

It is definitely my style of architecture, simple and clean, and with lots of natural lighting. Minimalist is what people would call it. 

Before heading to the museum, I had lunch at this cosy cafe by the road side - tasted their beetroot salad and my my, there is not a single thing/item in Melbourne that I have deemed as below expectation. Even with such a simple dish, it sent me all the way up to heaven hahaha. Not exaggerating at all. 

On the fourth day, we met up with some friends who happened to be in Melbourne as well. Ok, not really coincidentally, but we kinda planned to meet up since we are all in Melbourne! Rented a car and we drove around Melbourne to places like Mornington. Nice road trip I would say and the experience was marvellous. 

We landed ourselves (the whole group of us) in South Melbourne Market the next day! OYSTERS came to our mind the first thing when we reached the market. Come on, you guys gotta try their oysters, which were amazingly fresh and not fishy in taste at all! Of course, they were very cheap, that I had a dozen to myself wuahahaha. 

Luck couldn't be better. We even managed to visit Finders Keepers for this trip. It is like a major flea market, with a lot of local designers selling their products and workpieces and a lot of cafes have their pop-up stalls there as well. According to our friend who works in Melbourne, this event is deemed as one of the major highlights in Melbourne and it is a MUST-ATTEND for tourists. 

The advantage of living in a serviced apartment is that you get to cook your own meal! We, or rather our friends, decided to cook dinner. We popped by their apartment and that was where all the cooking magic happened. 

Good times always fly by us... Soon enough, it was the last day of our stay in Melbourne. And, there is no better way to end this off. Of course I have to pay Lune Croissant a visit again, even though we were heading for breakfast! YUMZ YUMZ. I even brought some back for my friends and family, whom love the pastries so much too!

Managed to get Business Class seats for our fight back to Singapore. Definitely a great experience but I really wouldn't pay so much just for a flight.. Hmmm... Nonetheless, it was great fun and I would love to go back to Melbourne again soon! 

Can't wait for my year end trip to Osaka and Kyoto for countdown!!!! Talking about Japan, I have yet to even blog about my Japan trip LAST DECEMBER. Guess i can forget about it hahaha. #DamnLazy

Till then,
Thank you for reading my post!

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