Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Red Christmas With Starbucks

Christmas has never been so fun like this year! Of course, Christmas is my favourite festival of the year because everyone is so happy and simply just basking in the festive atmosphere. But, this year, Starbucks has made it such a sweet one for me. 

I guess a lot of you would have known by now that I am a HUGE FAN of Starbucks' Teavana series, in particular the Iced Match & Espresso Fusion. Not to forget the festive drink - Iced Peppermint Mocha, which I seriously think they should consider converting it into a fixed menu item. 

ANYWAY, the folks from Starbucks and Edelman Singapore was kind enough me to send me this mega huge red parcel with lots of festive goodies in it! I was honestly thrilled to receive it. Just a disclaimer, I am not in any way sponsored or paid to advertise for Starbucks, so this blog post is written because I am just so excited to share with you guys what I've received!

By now, majority of us would know that whenever it is near Christmas, Starbucks would launch their festive red holiday cups for their hot beverages. And that is something that many Starbucks lovers look forward to. Now, what if I tell you that Starbucks have decided to made them into ceramic versions for your drinking pleasure?!

No kidding, they did just that. 

What is so special this year is not only the launch of red holiday cups in ceramic, but let's also pay some attention to the design. There will be a total of 13 designs this year AND they are designed by some of you guys out there around the world! Starbucks has handpicked 13 designed from a pool of submissions and turn them into the red holiday cups' designs this year. 

So, now you can start looking forward to collecting all 13 of them. They are great for gifts as well! With this mug, you can sip from the holiday cup everyday throughout the year haha. Merry Christmas everyday! 

These ceramic red holiday cups would be available in stores from 21 November, and I would advise you to start collecting them as soon as they release as I am sure they would be swept off the shelves very fast! 

Starbucks was kind to throw in this candy cane handle cup, with a polar bear lid for me. It is so so so cute and adorable! I have started using it and I feel so silly for always smiling while drinking from the cup HAHA. No joke. 

Also, the Christmas Starbucks Bear! It is so cute because it is dressed up in clothes, getting ready for Christmas too. Awwww, and they come in male and female versions too. Talk about diversity. Now, I am looking forward to making some great coffee with the packet that they've sent to me as well. Will let you guys know how it taste like!

With that, I wish you all an advance Merry Christmas and I really can't wait for December to come because it will imply the end of all my exams and time for me to party and have festive meals and celebrations with my love ones.

Look forward to my posts on Instagram as I unveil more Starbucks' offer! LOVE YOU GUYS! And I am feeling real bless to be where I am today, thank you for trusting me and BenVoda :)

Love you all! 


  1. Christmas so nice~ My exams are after Christmas, cry~
    Have fun! XD

    1. Good luck for your exams, and I am sure that you will do well :) The year is ending! Haha.

  2. Thank you. Good quality photos & writing here. All the best! G3

    1. Thank you so much! I am trying to improve my writing skills and content too :)