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Revolution in Skincare: BSKIN

I believe that everyone has their own preferred choice of skincare products, and personally, I do so too. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. For me, I am a total sucker for product packaging and would totally dive into a product purely based on that. 

But that may not necessarily bring the results that I am looking for. 

 I was introduced to BSKIN recently, who educated men looking past marketing hype and gimmicky pack or ads (oh mannn) that promises outstanding results in very short period of time. Because more than often not, they do not.

I have heard of BSKIN before but have yet to try their products as I am quite reluctant to change my skincare products once I've gotten used to them. Long story short, I gave it a shot because I was properly 'educated' on the product's nature and how they infuse technology, with perfect harmony with the most natural antioxidant ingredients. 

Due to sensitive skin, I guess trying out products made from natural ingredients would be worth a try!

BSKIN was very generous and offered me several products from their series of skincare products. I would like to emphasise that BSKIN focuses a lot on their Anti-Oxidant System, which they are very proud of, as it was formulated with a combined 50 years of experience to bring revolution in beauty.

I shall not bore you with all the technical aspects, but below is a chart showing what are the 6Core Anti-Oxidant System that BSKIN focuses on (find out more in detail HERE):

Also, to give you guys a brief introduction on the different products that BSKIN offers, it could be categorised into the following 3 categories


If you have the following skin concern, the V Line series will provide the solution for you:
  • Reduced skin elasticity
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sagging skin
  • Dull skin
  • Uneven skin texture

From the V Line series, I received the V3. Intense PAF Concentrate. This amazing product actually helps to boost collagen production, which is responsible for skin strength and elasticity, and stimulates cell repair. Due to our hectic schedules and busy lifestyle in Singapore, our skin tends to age faster and gets dull easily. This concentrate provides anti-oxidant protection that helps to revitalised sagging skin!

Some of you may think that people of my age group or those below 30, do not need any facial products on anti-aging or even prevention against sagging. But then, it is never too early because if you were to start taking care of your skin when they display signs of imperfection. 

Application of this product is relatively easy as it is applied with a dropper applicator and you don't have to apply a lot of the product. This concentrate is the perfect product for women (men are able to use them as well). 

*Do also note that your skin will experience stingy feeling upon application, and that is normal as the product is much more concentrated compared to other formulas. Thus, do not worry that your skin is reacting negatively to the product :)


I am not trying to make a sweeping statement, but a majority of girl or women do want to have fair  and even skin tone. That's why as with any skincare brands, BSKIN has formulated their own skin brightening products. 

The W Line aims to correct:
  • Uneven skin tone
  • Skin pigmentation and dark spots
  • Dehydrated and tired looking skin

With the W3 Enriched Brightening Serum,, I actually asked my mum to try it out as she has always been facing dark spots issues and dehydrated and tired looking skin. It was such a great timing as this product pops by!

To set your expectations, you cannot expect your skin to glow just after a day of applying it haha. The effect will set in gradually, but surely. I would not claim that all the dark spots on my mum's face has been fixed or removed. However, if anything, they were greatly lightened, which brightens her overall facial tone. 

Due to my mum's hectic work schedule, she has to wake up early before the sun rises to head to work and even when she is home, she has to continue staying up late to complete her work. With insufficient rest, of course her skin is bound to suffer a toll. That results in her skin looking very tired and dull. 

With this brightening serum, she does seem less tired, with brightened skin ton. Of course, that also comes with constant hydration and adequate amount of rest. 


For my male followers, do not worry! Of course, there are some good stuff in store for you guys, like myself, too! BSKIN has formulated a series of men's product under the M Line

One fun fact here that I have: Do you know that guys' skin is actually 25%t thicker than ladies'? 

Now I finally understood why girls always say that guys are very thick skinned. is a FACT! This is because tester testerones increases the thickness of collagen and elastin in the epidermis, which leads to tougher and rougher skin.  

Men also have larger, more numerous and more active oil glands than women, which explains why men tend to be more prone to acne, blackheads and clogged pores. Men also have a tendency to have more dehydrated skin, which may be aggravated by after-shave products with high alcohol content.

If you do face oily skin problems like myself, the M LINE will get to the root of these issues:
  • Enlarged and clogged pores
  • Oily and shiny skin
  • Dry and irritated skin

With any facial routine, I would love to start off mine with a good facial wash. BSKIN offers the M1 Energizing Carbon Wash, which is a carbon-infused face wash removes impurities and controls sebum production, leaving skin feeling cool, clean and energised. 

Wonder if you all remember, I love to have 'squeaky' clean skin after my face wash. Those where your hand gets to create 'squeaky' sound when you run through your face haha. I think that this carbon wash is light and not too rough for the skin, as you know that some facial wash actually has particles in it that might cause discomfort to the skin. 

Generally, I have nothing negative to speak of this facial wash. 

It is never good to have anything in excess. Not even when it benefits you. Our skin actually produces this oily substance call Sebum, when in the right amount actually helps to protect and strengthen our skin. Having too little of it could result in dry and cracked skin and too much of it might result you in battling against acne. 

The M2 Sebum Control Gel helps to control the excessive sebum, without drying out the skin. As promised, the gel is indeed lightweight, non-stick and is easily absorbed by the skin, which makes application a relative joy. However, I do find the consistency to be on the watery side, which I would preferred it to be thicker. 

That could just be my personal preference, which does not reflect the true effectiveness and nature of the product! 

To end of the day, I have tried on this product for nearly month, and it is quite amazing I must say. I am going to introduce to you the M3 Recharge Night Pack!

I will apply it onto my face and leave it overnight to keep my skin hydrated and recharged. My skin does not feel as oily as before and that is because when your skin is well-hydrated, there is no need for your skin to secrete oil substance to compensate for the lack of hydration. This itself, makes me believe in this product. 

I think that overall, products from the M Line should be used together as they do deliver significant results over long period of use, especially so for the carbon wash and the recharge night pack. 


Overall, I must really say that BSKIN's products are quite amazing and works well for me. I have used them for nearly a month now, and I have yet to experience any negative side effects from it, so am sure your guinea pig's test has been carried out haha. I would not comment much about the products from V and W Line as I am reviewing them based on what my mother experienced (mostly). 

However, if you are interested in trying out the M Line, I can assure you that they are really decent products for you to try out, especially if you have sensitive skin! 

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This could be a very great Christmas present for your love ones around you. Enjoy shopping people! 

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