Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Baked With love At Shiberty Bakes

There are tons of cafes around Singapore, and I am sure there are more popping up over the next few years. To me, a good café needs to serve good coffee and of course, the ambience must be comfortable and relaxing! After all, most of the time, we are paying for the ambience rather than the food itself, isn't it?

What really attracts me to a café is also the way it is being operated and I must say that I am truly impressed by how Jess manages her café - Shiberty Bakes!
I am sure that many of you would be familiar with Jess, or her online presence (Shiberty). It is amazing how this gorgeous lady, whom I got to finally meet recently at an event, managed to open a café at such a young age after selling her gorgeous cakes through her blog few years back! Not to mention how she puts in effort and love in everything she bakes and serve to all her customers.
Thanks to Jess and Nicholas, I had the honor of going down to the café to try out their new menu! I have to clarify that I am not paid to write this post, and I am just sharing my experience with you guys :)

Located just beneath a HDB estate, lies this humble and cosy café. Nothing too extravagant, yet totally Instagrammable one. I brought one of my close friends along with me, given that he is the only one who doesn't need to work, well who else fits the bill right? Haha.

We started off with ordering our drinks and we had the Hazlenut Ice Blended Coffee and a Strawberry Cheesecake Loaded Smoothie. I had the former, and I really love the taste of it! It is thick and not too water, as most cafes tend to over dilute the ice blended beverage, and the aroma of the hazelnut and coffee is very pleasant.

My friend had the smoothie, and I had a few mouthfuls. I would say that it is not too sweet, which I prefer. That implies that it is not too overwhelming in taste that you get sick of it easily. Not to mention that their beverages came in huge portion! If you are ordering the smoothie, maybe you can share it with your buddy, so that you can have more tummy space for their extensive menu of yummy food. 

For appetisers, we had House Wings, one of the new menu items, and isn't that like the most brainless appetisers to have in all meals? Definitely won't go wrong and I must say that Shiberty Bakes does not disappoint you even with such a simple dish. I love them because they are not too oily, yet the taste of the wings are not compromised. Also, it is sprinkled with seaweed, which Jess sits down and cuts them into strip herself! I witnessed it hahahaha!  

Next up, we had another new item - Kimchi Pizza. I got to be honest that I was quite sceptical about having dishes like kimchi pizza or kimchi pancake, because they tend to be very dry and it seems as though they poured in the whole packet of flour to create the dish. AND this applies to authentic Korean restaurants that I've visited thus far.
However, when I plunged my teeth into this Kimchi Pizza, I was more than surprised! It was really moist and yummy! I got to say that this was my favourite dish for the whole meal, no kidding! It seems like they managed to strike a balance between the spiciness and sourness of the kimchi, and the texture of how a pizza should taste like.

The next dish is what my friend and I named as "Ultimate Comfort Food" - Shepherd's Pie. I don't really fancy shepherds pie usually mainly because they tend to be very dry. When they are not moist, it can be rather tough to finish the whole dish, not to mention how filling it could actually be.

The way Shiberty Bakes did it, was quite amazing. The dish was piping hot when it was served and after 15 minutes or so of me trying to take photos of the food, the dish (of course), got cold. BUT that did not drain the moisture (not sure if this is the word to use, am no food blogger) from it. To put it in simpler term, the pie has a very smooth texture and with the meat in it, it really melts in the mouth, totally different from the pies I had last time!

And my friend and I concluded that this is the best dish to have from Shiberty Bakes if you are stuck at home on a rainy day. Wooohoo! Best combo haha.

Remember how famous curry pillows were in Singapore few years back? Basically it is a big loaf of break and the centre is filled with curry chicken! Well, Shiberty Bakes has brought it back, in the form of Chicken Curry Toast

Yumz! Just look at how the curry sauce trickles down the toast. And it is really yummy, especially when you get to the centre of the toast, where the treasure awaits you - ok, they are curry chicken. This is indeed special and nostalgic, at least to me! I think it will be a great dish to have if you are bringing your folks along with you. 

As with veery meal, desserts are the best way to end a meal. We were served 2 different deserts, and indeed, we felt like were challenging our food intake tolerance! They were so nice to serve us a whole load of food for just 2 of us. 

We had the Sticky Date Pudding and Charcoal French Toast and we love the latter!

The toast was so so so so yummy!! There is really no other better words to describe because it is really yummy. The toast was warm and soft, served with ice cream and caramel sauce. Trust me, most people think that with caramel sauce, this dessert must be VERY sweet, well that's what I thought too!

But it is not really that sweet and we really love this dessert a lot. I think that it is very smart of them to use charcoal toast instead of waffles, because to me, it seems to complement better. The only thing I feedback to them was to change the vanilla ice cream to other flavours to enrich the flavour. It could be slightly bias too, because I don't really like vanilla as they seem to taste normal. If I am already increasing my calorie intake, might as well make it worth it right? Haha.

With this, I am concluding my fabulous time spent at Shiberty Bakes! Thank you Jessica and Nicholas for the invite once again. For those who are interested in visiting them, and I do urge you to do so, here is the address:

#01-277, 46 Owen Rd, Singapore 210046

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