Monday, December 5, 2016

Star Treatment with VIU

I am sure that a lot of you guys have always wondered how nice it is to always get sponsored stuff as an influencer. Or, have always envied at the amount of opportunities and privilege those influencers get to enjoy.

But, behind those glamorous moments that you’ve witnessed, captured through the camera lens, a lot of hard work has been placed in by these influencers before they are able to get to where they are today. You do know that visually appealing photos and interesting contents do not just pop up in the air for them to pluck, right? Haha.

Now, what about celebrities? My favourite Korean Girl group has got to be Girl’s Generation, who always look so chic and captivating on stage.

But, as the saying goes “ Rome was not built in a day”. A minute of performance on stage, might take years of practice. The K-POP industry has always been a big question mark for us, how do they produce such top-notch artiste groups?

My friend introduced me to this Korean remake of the American hit series called “Entourage”, which enlightens you how the Korean entertainment industry functions, on this app call VIU. In this remake, Lee Kwang Soon from running Man, is one of the main leads, and I am sure it will be damn hilarious!

I always have issue finding a good platform for Korean dramas and I am glad my friend introduced VIU to me because it is entirely FUSS-FREE and FREE! VIU is a freemium service that gives viewers the option of accessing the content for FREE or through a paid subscription, with exclusive privileges at a very affordable price.

As a casual viewer, I am very satisfied with my free access to the contents on VIU!

Not only do you get to watch all the exciting shows for FREE, starting from this week to 11 Dec, the #ViuStarEntourage contest is ongoing. You will stand a chance to win the above luxurious prizes JUST BY BINGE-WATCHING ON VIU!

I am definitely looking forward to watching the Korean remake of Entourage, every Fri & Sat 11pm. If you are interested, you may watch it here too:

Once I am done with that, I will be ready to explore Viu’s extensive collections of shows! Hope you will enjoy watching your beloved shows on VIU at home and on-the-go on your mobile devices or tablets! 

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