Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Of Some Reflections As A Content Creator

6 years have zoomed by so fast. By 6 years, I meant the time that I have invested in social media and trying to carve something out of it. It has definitely been an arduous journey and along the way, I have met a lot of people in different industries and also the different nature that each individual possesses. Both good and bad. 

If you were to ask me how I would fare myself on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being the best) of my achievements in this 'industry', I would rate myself a 6. Of course, in comparison to many 'influencers' today, I am nowhere near their standards or calibre but, if you would to categorise me with male influencers, I really consider myself to be really fortunate. 

I am not entirely sure about other countries but in Singapore, the influencer scene is predominated by females, who are achieving much more than us boys. Typically, girls tend to rise to fame at a faster rate than boys, and they garner much more attention too much easily. To me, I actually came to the conclusion that male influencers have to put in much more effort in curating their content and more than often not, we need to have certain charm or talent in order to captivate anyone's attention. 

Many of the male influencers in Singapore are mostly talented. We have Benjamin Kheng and Nathan Hartono, whom I would refer both as artistes rather than influencers actually, who are really good in music. Yutakis is one of the most talented photographer who produced astounding visuals for his followers. Of course, there are also many more talented individuals out there but they went unnoticed. It seems as though that Lady Luck is much of a feminist who takes side with the ladies. Truth to be told, there are many female influencers with relatively normal content, even on Instagram, yet they are getting tons of followers and engagements from brands too.

It is as though social media is no longer a subject that could be understood. Or rather, the individuals that are using it. 

With a lot of changes being made to Instagram recently, it has made it a much tougher job for influencers to reach out to a greater audience. Engagement rates have dropped drastically. What really constitutes to something that is worth the attention of others? I am not a very artistic person, thus it is a very tough job for me to curate visuals that are captivating. I am also not the best 'model' that you can find online. And I am definitely not a fashion icon, whom you can look up to for advices. 

It just seems that the results of my half-fucked achievement is due to the fact that I am not focusing on any areas for my readers, which resulted in scattered audience/followers. 

We all have no idea how long influencers will be a thing or when it will die out. In the meantime, I really hope to find an area that I can focus on, so that it will aid me in my content creation. At least there is something that I can focus on wholeheartedly. I want to make sure that there is something within me that can sparked off any interest in brands towards my platforms and myself. 

If you guys have any constructive suggestions, do drop me a DM on Instagram, comment on this blog post or even on my FB page! Love all of you! 

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  1. How about doing something that interests you instead of leaving it up to readers to decide?
    Right now, it seemed as though you are a headless chicken always chasing what the current trend is which isn't what an influencer is meant to be. The role of an influencer is to start a trend not copy a trend.
    Find something that YOU like. Cultivate it. While it might be tough at first, but think long term.
    Also, right now, you should question yourself properly whether you want to be an influencer because of yourself or because of others?