Monday, March 20, 2017


No idea why I always have to start with some sort of disclaimer for my blog posts, but anyway: By no means are these photos in any way, related to the content of this post. But you know, we always need some other excuses/platforms to upload the (whole bunch of them) photos we took during our overseas trip. 

And so, I have recently just returned from my trip from Melbourne. My third time there, to be exact. It was definitely exciting that I managed to get back to my favourite city in the world within 6 months since my last trip there! Likewise for other overseas trip, we always have some sort of takeaway. Memories, experiences, photographs or even life lessons and enlightenments. 

Somehow during this trip, I seem to think deeper. Deeper within myself. 

Truth to be told, my emotion has been on a roller-coaster ride recently. And to the extent that I felt that it could be really unhealthy in the long run. For those that are unaware, I am turning 24 in a weeks time, and a lot of my friends at this age are still studying in university or just entered the work force not too long ago. In a sense, we are all on the same "level", not too far apart from one another in terms of achievements in life. 

Of course, there are always an exception to everything. But in this case, it is more than 'an exception' since there are more than 1 example. Recently, I came across several friends who are doing VERY WELL in their life given their age (slightly like few years older than me only). They are earning big bucks, making tons of investments and reaping great profits and the list goes on and on. It seems like it is the life that many of us crave for, yet to some, we might never ever achieve it in this lifetime. It is insane, trust me. 

Being a sentimental and highly sensitive individual, that instantly got to me. And it really bothered me for a long while, even till now as I am typing this actually. I began to doubt my own capabilities, and constantly questioning myself "What are you doing with your life?" "Why can't you be as successful as others?" and even "You are so useless".

All these were constantly flashing in my head like a broken recording tape. 

But the trip to Melbourne has also enlightened me in some sense. A lot of times we tend to overlook what we HAVE now, and compare to what we COULD have or SHOULD have. We are never contented, we always want more, we always feel the desire to achieve greater things, we always feel that things could be better IF we did something otherwise. But what we really can and should do is to STOP and look at what we have on hand now, at this very moment. 

So, what do I have now?

I have a loving family. I have a relatively good business on hand. I have few genuine friends who are always there encouraging me. I have a healthy relationship. I have the privilege of travelling to so many places given my young age. I have several adorable pets. I have the financial capability to pamper myself as and when. I have the privilege to even think of getting a car for myself. I have good education. I have you guys following me on social media platforms and always looking out for me.


This knocked some great sense into me. Each and every single one of us are destined to walk down certain path. God is fair as many always say, and that is quite true. Some people may have money but they lack the emotional aspect in their life. Some people may be very successful but they do not have people by their side to share their joy with. 

My point is, we as humans, inevitably will always compare ourselves to others and that may not necessarily be a bad thing. Comparison help us to achieve better things and improve ourselves. What matters is how we deal with our own emotions and expectations. Everyone achieve different things in their life, and there will never be enough out there in this world for us to grab hold on. 

Instead of wallowing in our own self-imposed depression, whatI we should do is to always count our blessings. I used to think that my Junior College's principal is freaking lame for asking us to count our blessings, and her favorite quote is "Blessings for a good day". Indeed, we should always count our blessings. 

Start counting what you have because the grass is always greener on the other side. We might admire others, but at the same time, they might be envious of something that you have that is lacking in their life. 

Cheers and blessing for a good week ahead to all lovelies reading this! 

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