Friday, April 28, 2017

Growing Fond of Grown Alchemist

I know that you guys must be thinking that this is just another sponsored post that I am doing for you guys. Not really, because this time I would be providing you guys with a review of my favourite skincare products! 

Since my teenage days, I have been trying out different kinds of facial products and experimenting with different brands and their effect on my skin. Along the way, I do have some decent bias but it never seems to satisfy me entirely. That is until I took my first trip to Melbourne last May! 

I was just shopping around Myer and other large department stores and I came across this brand, which I thought was Aesop from far. But no, it is this brand call Grown Alchemist. Unique choice of branding I must say, and that got me all curious about the brand and its products. 

The sales assistant was very friendly and introduced every single products to me, and listens to my concerns as well. Very meticulous I must say. But of course, all sales assistants are right? Then came the moment of product-testing! First impression: IT SMELLS SO WONDERFUL!

And I mean ALL. OF. THEM. 

There is this citrusy and floral scent to their products, which I am a sucker for. I love products that have this light scent that lingers around even after hours of applying them. This is especially so for a humid country like Singapore. You wouldn't want something too musky to "blend" with your natural musky body scent (for guys usually). Ewww. 

Now only am I a sucker for the aforementioned, you can easily sell me something just based on the packaging. And I believe that I have mentioned this NUMEROUS times in my social media postings and blog articles as well. My argument is very simple, before you even fall in love with something, the appearance plays a big part and this is especially so for skincare products.

Just think of it as a form of motivation that drives you to use the products diligently. At least that's what my mind go through every single time when I am lazy to carry out my skincare regime. Haha, now you know my little secret. 

And so, I managed to get a lot of their products. And to be honest, Grown Alchemist sent lots of my favourite products over to me as well, just for the fact that I am an AVID LOVER of the products and not because they are looking at influencers' outreach. Trust me on this, 

I was so thrilled about it. Reason being, they are NOT available in Singapore (yet)! Just few months back, the products were launched in Malaysia, which seems so near yet so far. I really do hope that they would penetrate the market in Singapore because this is seriously a gorgeous brand. As a practical boy, the pricing is also cheaper than a certain A brand. 

Starting with the washroom, they do offer hand wash products and body cleansing bar. Do not belittle the body cleansing bar as it is was crowned the official winner of Tatler's Beauty Awards 2015! I love the scent (told you I am a sucker of scent already) of geranium leaf, bergamot and patchouli. It has this herbal essence to it that makes you feel as though you are undergoing some sort of spa treatment. 

The body cleanser comes in a 'concoction' of chamomile, bergamot and rosewood. I am sure that your brain is now trying to piece the different ingredients together leaving your imagination to run and form the smell of the body wash. 

A trip to the toilet or your personal spa sanctuary is never complete without a good hand wash. Grown Alchemist's sweet orange, cedar wood and sage hand wash would leave you sniffling your hands every other minute after you leave the washroom. Haha, as exaggerated as this may sound, but that was what I have been doing every single time. 

It is really not a joke when I say that Grown Alchemist has penetrate most of my life, and taking care of me from top to toe (for a year or so). They do have some products that target parts of your body that you might not even realise that it needed any attention. You'll be surprised, like how I was previously. 

Not sure about you guys, but I do get irritated when people always mention"my daily essentials" for their postings. Seriously, your daily essentials changes every other day. Are you kidding me? Do you even know what that means?

To me, daily essential really embeds the essence of how important the item / task / routine / (even) a person is to your life and how it actually affects yourself. These products are, needless to say, the essentials of my daily routine as I use all of them religiously. 

This has got to be one of my favourites from Grown Alchemist, which is their Hydra-Repair Day Cream, made of camellia and geranium blossom. It is very light in texture and non-greasy too, thus when applied onto your face during the day, it feels very light and natural. For me personally, my skin absorbs the product quite well, so there are no signs of oily residue. 

This is something new that I got on my recent trip to Melbourne as they have special offers for their value packs! I got the package on hand care, which includes and cream, cuticle care oil and a hand wash for less than $60. Totally worth my money! 

To be honest, I have yet to try out these set yet. But I would be bringing them along with me for my upcoming US trip next Monday! With the cold weather there, I ma sure that these would come in handy :)

I am not paid to do this and I am really providing you with my honest feedback and review of the products. I do not have any issues with the products itself as I find that it suits my skin very well. However, we do have to take note that what works for my skin might not be as effective for yours. Thus, it would be good if you guys always check out the ingredients used for the products and find out if your skin is sensitive to it. Or, it is always good to check with your doctor or the sales assistant on the suitability of the products. 

If I have to nit pick on anything, it would be that some of the products are packaged in glass bottles. Do not get me wrong, I absolutely love those sort of packaging. However, it could be quite a hassle for bringing it along during road trips or so, for fear of breaking the product. 

I strongly urge you guys to try out some of their products, and the best would be to start with their hydra-repair day cream. No disappointment! As they are currently not available in Singapore yet, you may purchase them online at 

Also, do follow them on their Instagram page (@grownalchemist) to receive constant updates of their awesome feed! Cheers! 

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