Sunday, May 28, 2017

My Virgin Flower Arrangement Class With Floratorie.Co

Flower arrangement as an activity has always been female-dominated. As a matter of fact, the industry itself is so. Korean dramas may portray a suave and sweet-looking guy as a florist, with many girls swooning over him. In reality? If a guy is a florist, he would most probably be judged. 

That being said, I always have a strong interest for flowers, and how magical they can be, especially so on special occasions such as a wedding. I recently attended a flower arrangement class organised by Floratorie.Co, which is based in both Malaysia and Singapore, and this is their debut class here!

Of course, I attended the beginner's class to find out the mystery behind the art of flower arrangement. We were provided with few selections of flowers such as roses, wax flower (that looks like baby's breath), eucalyptus leaves etc. I was thrilled and can't wait for the lesson to get going. But, must maintain right in public? Haha. 

That's the us after we took turns to handpick the bundle of flowers for our bouquet. In flower arrangement, like any other form of arts, there is no right or wrong. You can pick as many stalks of flowers you want, or as little if you wish, there is nothing wrong with it. But, do bear with mind that sometimes less is more, and you must be clear of how you want your final product to turn out to be like 

This is the bundle of lowers that I've picked out for my creation

Flower arrangement is not as simple as I thought it would be. In fact, it actually involves a lot of attention to be paid to details. At the end of the day, you would really want your end-product to be well loved by many and appreciated, yea? Thus, you gotta constantly ask yourself in the process "Will you be willing to pay for this?" If the answer if yes, then continue to build on what you are doing. If not, just start all over again and make it better! 

What I have learnt from this is, every single time you prepare the arrangement, the results is always different from the previous attempt. 

Different types of flowers have different usage as well. Some would be the main actors and actresses of the whole show - aka the bouquet of flowers - and some others will play the supporting role of enhancing the whole aesthetic. 

Towards the end of the workshop, we learnt how to keep the flowers "hydrated" and how to wrap them up nicely. Of course, we were only imparted the basic skills of wrapping the flowers, but that is good enough for me at this point of time. To be honest, I was really ecstatic to see my final creation! 

Tadah! This was my end product and I really really LOVE IT A LOT! I am not saying it just because it was mine, but I really do see it as something that I would be willing to pay for if I come across it in a shop. 

Would you pay for this bouquet of flowers that I arranged? 

I really can see myself doing this more often in the future, and I cannot wait for the advanced class to commence. In fact, I would love to attend a class on floral boxes arrangements and design class, as I have been seeing friends doing in and posting their creation on Instastory. 

Do keep a look out for Floratorie.Co on their social media platforms as they would be positing regular updates of their dreamy and captivating creations:


I look forward to seeing you guys at the next event! Cheers :)

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