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This is going to come off as a surprise, but yes, I am blogging about fashion now. I wouldn't regards myself as a fashionable individual, and definitely not one that you should look up to when it comes to dressing up. But, what I may provide is content that my followers may most probably relate to. A sort of 'fashion' that does not burn a hole in your pocket, and can be worn for day-to-day purposes or schedules. 

It is the summer season now (and if I get the season wrong, you can just label me as a fashion-idiot or an idiot in general lol), and most people would choose to be cloak in simple and lightweight apparels to combat the intense heat. Then again, it is ALWAYS summer in Singapore, so what's the difference right? Haha.. 


I am a person that perspires very easily, thus shorts is always the go-to option for me. Not only is it comfortable in this humid weather, but it can be quite fashionable too when paired with the correct item. For me, this summer is all about patterns and I recently tailored a few shirts in Bangkok. I ordered one in batik print, and I LOVE it so so much!

You can see from the above photo! It has subtle floral-looking prints all over it and it exudes the vintage-feel. All you need to do is to pair it with a pair of khaki shorts/berms, and a pair of white sneakers and you are good to go! 

Shirt: Tailored in Bangkok
Shorts: Bangkok Platinum Mall
Sneakers: Converse

You can also play around with different ensembles with shorts, just experiment and find one that suits your style! For me, with black shorts, I would put on a checkered short-sleeved shirt (preferably in lighter shade for contrast purposes) and throw on a lightweight bomber jacket.

With just these 3 simple pieces, you would look fashionably-comfortable! Haha.

Shorts: Bangkok Platinum Mall
Short-sleeved checkered shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Bomber jacket: Hotwind at 313@Somerset
Sneakers: Nike


If you find it a hassle for layering, yet you want to be in a formal-casual wear, you may choose to throw on a sweater. I know, you must be thinking, "Sweater in summer?! This is ridiculous!" Sort of I guess, but there are some sweaters that are made of relatively thin materials! So, you may definitely choose to adopt those instead. 

And for this summer, I would recommend camouflage print pullovers/sweaters. A lot of you must be thinking that this print is so outdated, but you can't be more wrong! in fact, camouflage print is one of the ITStyle to have in your wardrobe this summer (still going strong yea?). Brands like Dsquared2Givenchy and Valentino are still rocking this style! Throw on a pair of sunglasses and you'll be summer-ready.

Simple and easy style!

Camouflage sweater: Random stall from JB
Shorts: Bangkok Platinum Mall
Sunglasses: Ray Bans


When we talk about summer, we can never neglect the dominance of floral prints. They are back for more actions. I am glad that more brands, such as Zara, are putting out more guys' clothes with bold yet masculine floral print apparels! This goes to show how much more accepting guys are towards floral prints, which in conventional mindset is deemed as girly and feminine. 

For me, I personally love the collection from Zara Men because their tees are so comfortable and the fabric used is thin, therefor you won't perspire easily. And even so, you won't stink badly, like you would if you are wearing 100% cotton top. 


For this look you may once again, pair it with shorts or you may wear a pair of light wash jogger jeans. To finish your look throw on a bomber jacket and a pair of high-cut white sneakers.

Black floral top: ZARA Men
Bomber Jacket: Hotwin at 313@Somerset
Light Wash Jogger Jeans: Cotton On
High Cut White Sneakers: Onitsuka Tiger


It is definitely a challenge to be wearing long pants and experimenting with layerings in hot summer season. That being said, it is not entirely impossible to do so. For my next suggested outfit, I would be toying with the idea of layerings, yet not too overbearing for you. 

Neutrals is something that you can wear for both summer and spring, not necessarily a need for you to be decked in bright colours that scream summer all the time haha. At least that is MY philosophy when it comes to 'fashion'. 

I love my bomber jackets, and has been wearing them a lot recently, with different combinations. I am still at my experimenting stage, but could only say that I am more than satisfied with the results! For guys with slightly more tan skin, you would want to play more with naturals as it blends well with your skin tone color, and further helps to highlight your physique and features. 

I am not very tall, but in order to create the illusion of being so, you may wear a pair of ankle-cropped pants. I love this style and you may wear a pair of long-socks, with loud and bright prints/colors, to add a splash of excitement to your outfit. Alternatively, you may choose to do the same as me by wearing neutral tone looked socks haha 

Bomber Jacket: Runway Fashion (Browny Vintage)
Shirt: Runway Fashion (Browny Vintage)
Ankle Cropped Pants (Dark Navy): ZARA Men
White Sneakers: Nike


I am quite excited about this segment: PASTELS!!!!!!!!

Cannot emphasise more on how important and essential it is for you guys to stock up on some pastels in your wardrobe this summer! Pastels has recently garnered a lot of attention, especially for the year 2017, and I must say that I am totally digging it. 

It feels so dreamy and pleasing to the eyes. I love it so so much, and can't wait to find more apparels in pastel. For the ladies, it sure is easy to find pastel apparels but not so much for guys. I am in love with pastel pink for months, and has been on the search for the correct shade of pastel pink. For UNIQLO or TOPMAN, they do have pink apparels for guys, but the shade is always not the ideal on for me. 

Thank god, for C.O.S! However, it is definitely much more pricier to purchase from C.O.S but it is worth the money. I own the same top in light blue, and it feels so comfortable like a baby's blanket, really! I strongly recommend this item for you guys to try on for your FIRST pastel pink shirt. 

Pastel Pink Shirt: C.O.S.

Back to where we were just now: Layering.

For pastel clothing, it is always harder to experiment with other colors and style, at least for me. White is always the easy way out, but I want to push the limits slightly further (in my own personal sense). Thus, I have tried it on with a light wash denim jacket and light grey long pants. Of course, always top the look with a pair of sunglasses and white sneakers haha.


Sunglasses: Ray Bans
Denim Jacket: Uniqlo
Pastel Pink Shirt: C.O.S.
Light Grey Long Pants: ZARA Men
White Sneakers: Nike

Pastel has a wide spectrum of colors on its palettes, and blue would be a choice that you won't regret. For me, I came across this lovely sweater that has a gradient of blue from pastel baby blue to dark navy blue!

Love it so much and it feels so cooling, and summerish. Since the bottom of the sweater is dark navy blue, I would strongly recommend wearing something light for your bottom. For me, I chose the light wash Uniqlo skinny jeans to pair with it. 

Blue Sweater: Old Navy

7. Chic Casual

For a more casual and easy-going look, you may just throw on a shirt, and skinny jeans, with a pair of sneakers again. Simple and easy, definitely at the top of my list because it is so convenient and fuss-free, yet does not compromise on your style. 

Dark Navy Blue Top: JRunway
Light Wash Denim Jeans: Cotton On
White Sneakers: Nike


This concludes my FIRST EVER fashion post for you guys and if you love to see more of this, I would be more than happy to produce more of such content! You can just leave a comment here, or on my Instagram. Your feedback always mean so so much to me!

On top of that, for my upcoming post, I would be introducing to you some of my perfume recommendations for this summer! Remember guys, do not always follow trends because what looks good on others might not be so on your body frame. Find something that suits your physique and experiment with different styles! I am also in the midst of doing so, and I would love to see where it will bring me :)

Recommend some of your styles with me too. Looking forward to it and love you guys!

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