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June, The Rainbow.

People has always been fighting for human rights or equality for what they termed as. Religions rifts have also been stirring up a storm throughout the world, with people blaming the Muslims for the cold and brutal acts of ISIS. Truth is, ISIS has no relation with the teachings of being a Muslim. And, for a tiny red dot like Singapore, we have our own fair share of 'racism' too. It seems to be a very sensitive topic nowadays, with races picking on one another and pointing fingers at each other while throwing accusations of one being inconsiderate and disrespectful to the culture of another religion. 

Every June, people around the world (actually just a fraction of it) celebrate LGBT Pride Month. Countries like the States will have pride parades, and everything will be showered in rainbow. Many people has this misconception that Pride Month is all about being flamboyant (ok, to certain extent) and to "transform" and "mislead" the younger generations into the rainbow culture. 

Nope, it is very ignorant of you to think so. It is more of a celebration for our LGBT community to reflect and celebrate how far they have come today, fighting for their own rights admits the chaos such as the Orlando mass shooting. 

Let me introduce to you one infamous FB group that exists in Singapore: We are against Pinkdot in Singapore

If you are searching for some good laughs, maybe you may head over to the page and realise how ignorant some Singaporeans are. Long story short, there is group member that post a photo of a rainbow cake in a cafe, with the caption: 

"Went to another of those "young punk" cafes that are sprouting all over our island, and again saw all these so-called "rainbow cakes".

I always protest to my ignorant young cousins, these are not rainbow cakes. Rainbow has 7 colours.

These are gay cakes. Nothing wrong with a gay cake, sure, but please call a spade a spade.

Stop covering up gay agenda. Now."

Wow, so now you guys have to portray a aesthetically beautiful cake to be some form of hidden gay agenda? You suffering from brain damage, bro? Do you know what you should tell your "ignorant" young cousins? You should tell them to be prepared to grow up in a world filled with hatred and pettiness because it would be occupied by people like yourself!

Are you even setting a good example for the younger generation? Just because a 'rainbow' cake has no 7 colors, but 6, it is considered a hidden gay agenda? A local dessert call Ice Kachang has bright-colorer syrup content, is it considered hidden gay agenda? Care Bears has a whole spectrum of colors, so are they propounding gay culture through those cute little bears? If so, you sure gotta boycott a lot of things in your life man. 

Next, we have this Mr Chiew Boon Leong, who decided to give the whole group a comprehensive speech, covering 10 points, of why people should stop Pink Dot and the whole LGBT culture in Singapore from progressing. Let's take a look:

1. are protesting the movement because for the fact that more people will be in the same queue as 'your' people? You do know that by the age of 35, everyone will be in the queue, right? If you are not willing to queue up for it, maybe you can do better in your career and get a private property instead?

2. When has this LGBT movement fighting for their own rights got to do with longer queue for the ladies? The handicapped toilet is strictly for the handicapped as well, but a lot of 'your' people are using it and for all we know, you are guilty as well. But it applies for you since you are equipped with a handicapped brain that forbids you from making logical arguments. 

3. Dude, 'your' people has HIV cases too. In Africa, HIV and Aids is a major medical concern, with some 35 million being infected with it. Are you ostracising people with HIV and Aids now? 

4. You are concerned about your daughter winning some sports medal over human rights? Wow. 

5. I believe nobody has ever ask for a Pride Parade in Singapore, but merely begging for some respect and basic human equality rights from you ignorant bigots. 

6. ALL religions are equal and has the same fundamental teachings: Be kind to one another. Is that what you are doing right now? You and tour group are causing unnecessary tensions amongst Singaporeans. Good luck in bringing up some female athlete kids of yours. 

7. What has this movement got to do with sexual confusion? Are you going to be forced to undergo some sex changing procedure? AND the same itself suggests that if you were to perform a sex change operation, you are CHANGING your gender, which means the label of male and female still holds. 

8. WTF?

9. You visited one before and am worried that with the need for them to pay taxes, you are required to pay them more for their services? Bad boy you, cheating on your wife and your sporty athlete daughter(s). Tsk tsk. 

10. Oh, now you are in full support of Women's Charter. Do you even know anything about it in the first place? Are you active in fighting for women's rights prior to this? Stop trying to sound so self-righteous. 

There are tons of such examples out there in the group for you to explore and read. Some of them really got you thinking if any of their many years of education help shaped them into a better person. Or, they are just some bitter gourds roaming the land of Singapore, as some colleagues of theirs that belong to the LGBT community are doing way better than them in their lives. Just, maybe, you know. 

I am here writing this blogpost, not to nitpick on them, but to further assist them in boycotting some other larger companies that have established their brands here in Singapore. Through this, they will be able to stop patronising these companies that are in full support for the Pride Movement. Here we go!

1. My all-time favourite: STARBUCKS

You may kiss your coffee fix goodbye, and patronise maybe coffee bean or Ya Kun? Starbucks has not only made it very clear that it supports LGBTQ equality, but the company has also made it clear that its support of the LGBTQ community is more important than profits. 

2. Ben & Jerry's

Oh man! Now your children has to be deprived of the yummylicious ice-cream from Ben & Jerry's as a form of reward after running for their lives in a 100m race during sports day. Gosh, you all have lots of explanation to do. 

3. Apple

Now, I am getting worried for you guys... How are you going to call your family members or your business associates if you are currently using an iPhone? Are you going to start throwing away your MacBooks at home? It'll be worst if you are working as a designer, in a design firm, that strictly (more than often not) uses Apple Products for their services. 

Hmm...gonna start typing your resignation letter, with the reason "I am quitting as I am against Apple products due to the simplest reason that they support the Pride Movement. Also, I cannot bear staring at the rainbow discus spinning right in my face whenever my computer hangs." 

4. Instagram

Earlier this year, Instagram has made their clear stand for supporting the Pride Movement by launching its first LGBTQ channel, which lived right at the top of the app’s Explore page. 

Quick! Delete Instagram and refrain your kids, relatives, friends, and clients from using it!!! 

5. Google

My, oh my. I wonder how are you guys going to live in today's world if you are going to boycott Google as well for supporting the Pride Movement. How are you even going to reach your FB group page if you cannot even launch the Internet without the Google page flashing in front of you? How are you going to search for other scandalous topics to talk about without Google? How are you going to function at work if you cannot conduct research on your clients through Google? 

Back to Stone Age yo!

6. Facebook

Your issues just continue to snowball like nobody's business when you realise that Mark Zuckerberg officially declare his support for LGBT Pride Month. Now, why is your FB group still existing with such active vigour when you should be boycotting FB now! 

Do kindly close down your page and get out of the wonderful world of FB, founded by this guy with not-so-great fashion, but a man with a heart of gold for the LGBT community. 

7. Converse and Nike

Life just gets tougher if you cannot even wear a pair of shoes from your beloved sports brand, Nike. Kiss those gorgeous flyknits and Roshe goodbye because they are being gracious and wonderful through supporting the LGBT Pride Month with a series of footwear! 

Not to forget that, after buying over Converse slightly more than a decade ago, they are launching a specific Pride Series for Converse as well. Come, start asking Maria to clear your shoe racks, and poor children of you people who are deprived of the classic sneakers. 


If you are residing in Singapore, and expressing tons of hate for Pink Dot of the LGBT Movement, let me help you highlight some of the other 104 brands that you have to start avoiding starting TODAY! Click on this link for more information (thanks to the official Pink Dot page): CLICK HERE

All I want to say is, why do people have to spread so much hate for their fellow Singaporeans? As long as the actions displayed are not illegal or in violation of any rules, why do you have to meddle with other people's life? To be honest, if it is something that the government is unable to condone, do you think Pink Dot will happen? 

This year, a barricade will be built to "contain" the event and only Singaporeans and PRs are allowed to join in. What else are you guys asking for? Are you all really looking at driving the LGBT Community out of Singapore, or do you want them to be driven up the wall due to societal stress? What is it that you want to achieve through all these?

Do you guys even remember the pledge that we used to recite everyday? 

"We, the citizens of Singapore, pledge ourselves as one united people, regardless of race, language or religion, to build a democratic society, based on justice and equality, so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation."

One United People? To build a democratic society? Based on justice and EQUALITY? So as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation? Do any of your actions reflect any of these values? I used to find reciting the Singapore pledge a hassle and unnecessary as it is meaningless. Not until today. 

These 38 words, mean a lot more than just a pledge. These 38 words, make us Singaporeans. These 38 words, hold us together as one nation, one Singapore. 

Now, I am asking you guys to cast aside your pride and ignorance, and start opening up to accept those people around you. Only then, would these 38 words truly be brought to life, bringing happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation. 

Start loving for your nation's people. 


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