Thursday, July 20, 2017

Achieving Your Goals with DBS NAV Hub

Whenever we hear of the term 'banks' our brain would automatically register cash transactions, loan plans and deposit or withdrawals of cash. Everything is about money money money. However, as a financial institution, sometimes it is more than that! 

DBS has recently launched their "NAV Hub', Singapore's first financial planning centre by a bank that offers free advisory services. To put it simply, it functions somewhat like a consultation centre, rather than a typical bank in your neighbourhood. 

This hub was introduced, targetted at young adults like myself, to learn more about their current financial health status, and how they may utilise their liquid cash to achieve their dreams in life. For a starter, many of us would love to own our own car, followed by a nice shelter to call home, and ultimately forming a family. All these requires huge amount of expenses and we should definitely start young. Like NOW! 

Behind this grey facade is the road to securing the future that you always wanted (of course, with much self-discipline). The mechanism of this consultation is very simple and direct. Each consultation session takes up around an hour, and all you have to do is to book an appointment prior to your visit HERE

At the consultation, you can be assured that you will go through a hassle-free experience, where a crew member from NAV will guide you through your financial planning with a tablet. This tablet helps to record your spending habits, and profile yourself on your financial status based on your dreams as well as the loved ones whom you care about. 

This in turn, helps you to set a realistic goal that is achievable based on your individual lifestyle. 

As we all know, the years ahead of us is definitely a tough one with the recent ongoing recession and economic downturn. It is not doubt that, as cliche as it may sounds, we should start saving young. We all have dreams, but I am sure you would not want them to maintain as 'dreams' at the end of your life yea?

So, you may pay a visit to DBS' NAV Hub and learn more! Well, it is FREE, so why not?! Haha. 

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